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Sunday, April 2, 2017


Introversion is a case of situational identity. There is a misconception that introverts are anti-social. It is believed that introverts are shy, timid, arrogant and inexpressive; but that's not true. According to experts, introverts are more creative, innovative and imaginative & their brains process information differently than an extrovert do.

Why are introverts asked to change?
Just because they are different from extroverts. Introverts prefer to spend time alone. They don't feel a need to be around by others. They make plans before taking action. Introverts are a very good listener and they think a lot before they speak. They devote their social energy to their close friends, family, and colleagues but after sometime pleasant social interactions make them feel bored or tired. They lost in their own thoughts.

Being an introvert isn't a bad thing. There are many successful people who are introverts like Mahatma Gandhi, JK Rowling, Abraham Lincoln, Susan Cain, Emma Watson, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Michael Jordan, Charles Darwin, Warren Buffet, Sir Isaac Newton, Angelina Jolie & so on...

In our society, Introverts face many problems because people don't accept them and then they start doubting themselves and ultimately lose their self-confidence and get depressed. It's OK to be an Introvert but being always is your loss, community and world's loss. So push yourself from shyness and took initiative when you met with new people.

Susan Cain - You need to come out occasionally. The world's needs you, your ideas and creativity. 

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