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We all face problems in our life. Some people overcame them, and some didn't. I basically believe that problems can be assets. If you have a big problem, be thankful for it, it proves that you are alive and functioning. The general view of most people, of course, is that problems are bad. So we end up saying to ourselves, "Everything would be great if only I could just get rid of my problems!"

On the other hand, an optimist sees problems as opportunities. An opportunity to prove yourself, a chance to find different ways. If you have faced a severe problem and broken through, you will know what I am talking about. Problems are part of life. We can't escape from it but what we can do is to face those problems. I know it's not easy, but trust me, you'll overcome easily if you find a way to get motivated. TRUST YOURSELF.

"Setbacks are given to ordinary people to make them Extraordinary."

Our attitude towards our problem defines how small or big our situation is. Your problems don't represent you but how you handle them clearly tells a lot about you. It's up to you how you see yourself in difficult situations; a warrior or a prey. For me, my problems make me more critical day by day. Now I am at a point where I don't care about my problems because I know I can solve them, or if not, then why should I worry? Sometimes it's good to go with a flow.

Why not ask yourself what it is you're terrified of? 
Remember that the only way you're absolutely sure to fail is not to make an effort. Whenever you feel afraid, just close your eyes and say it loud - "Oh, what the heck, go for it anyway! I know I can do it!" Repeat it again and again and again & take the right action to obtain the correct result. Start by trembling if you must, but start!

"Every negative event contains within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit." - W CLEMENT STONE/NAPOLEON HILLS.

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