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My rating - 4 of 5 stars
Genre - Suspense/Thriller
Pages - 250

My Review - 

It's a story based on Indian politics and administration with a perfect blend of suspense and thrill. The story begins with the year 2019 where the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Doshi, is on the hit list of terrorist organizations because his Make in India campaign runs successfully, affecting the Chinese and European countries' economies. Ajay Kaamte, director of SPG (Special Protection Group), is tasked with protecting the PM because Lok Sabha elections are near, and the SPG already thwart 49 assassination attempts on Mr. Doshi. Poorvi Acharya, news reporter and a gossip queen who does anything to come into the limelight. Nalini works in the PR department at the PMO.

The story tells us that the sniper attack was old-fashioned, and in 2019, terrorists use Cyanide. It became the preferred weapon for Indian PM as he enjoys his favorite beverage, chai, very frequently. Every dish was tasted before serving the PM, but during the SAARC meeting in Islamabad, PM was poisoned and went to the Coma. Ajay was the prime suspect in the assassination attempt. From this point, the whole story takes a turn, which gives goosebumps to readers, especially when Ajay, who worships Mr. Doshi, reveals his hatred towards Mr. Doshi's unfulfilled promises or minority's issue.

In the meantime, Poorvi uploads the recorded confession of Ajay, and it goes viral within a few minutes. After that, the President declares the emergency for 24 hours and jam all communication network. Poorvi flies to Israel on the same day, where she knows that this entire emergency was a cover-up for something big. In India, seven thousand people were arrested by the army. With the help of Raghuram, an IB officer, Nalini unrevealed something about AIIMS and the administration, which makes things more clear about the emergency situation and Ajay's confession. The author described the Rohingyas people, Hashashins, biological warfare, and working of RAW, IB, NIA, CBI, and SPG.

The author does quite impressive research on characters, and the storyline is amazing. The language is a little difficult to understand, and some Hindi words are used unnecessarily. The story keeps the readers hooked, but at some point, it is slow-paced and boring. It gives some insightful content. There are some minor flaws in the story, but overall, it's a good read. It is the first book in the Nation at War series. I recommend this book to those who love suspense thrillers revolving around Indian politics.

My favorite line from the book - In politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies, just permanent interests.

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