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My Review -

This is the author's third novel, but it's her first book I have read for me. It is a story of four avid youngsters intertwines with each other. Amaira, carefree, self-assured, and a powerful character in this book. Kabir, who enjoys the attention, politically ambitious elder brother of Amaira. Kushank, a shining businessman but weak-kneed. Suhani sings beautifully but introvert and faint-hearted.

The story begins with Mrs. Khanna, sole trustee of SVS Medical College, who had decided to retire and transfer college and hospital responsibility to her younger son, Kushank. He was fond of business and management and run an IT company in Delhi and doesn't want to take this responsibility. Amaira got admission to SVS to come to Bhopal and deals with many ups and downs in her college life, whereas Kabeer indulges in college politics and stealing all the limelight. Exams were not his cup of tea.

Kabeer meets Suhani and falls for her; Suhani, being an obedient child of his family, starts searching for the purpose of her life with the help of Kabeer. This is a family-oriented story where Amaira and Kabeer's parents made them bold and independent, and Kushank or Suhani's parents never understand what their children truly desire.

All the characters were portrayed very well. They all have problems in their lives, but sooner or later, they overcome and excel in their fields with each other's help. Every girl wants to become like Amaira; the way she handles the college situation was splendid. The relationship of Amaira with Kabeer was a little messy, while Kabeer became the strength of Suhani in a short time.

They all have their adventures, which are well written. The author is from my city Indore, so I was really excited to read this novel, and one can easily connect with any of these characters, but I don't like the ending too much. There are so many unanswered questions that left me thinking about the characters, or maybe the author was planning for a sequel, but it's quite disappointing. I would recommend this book to only those who like a slow pacy storyline.

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