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My rating - 2 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Lasting Press

Genre - Adventure

Publishing year - 2017

Language - English

ISBN - 978-0-9861036-2-9

Paperback Price - Rs.710

My Review - 

It's a story about two boys Ryan and Matthew. One day they woke up on a mysterious island with no clue how they got there. They have no food, water, or shelter to hide. But they have to survive and find a way to escape from the creepy island.

Ryan had a dark complexion, was already six feet three inches tall, and had dark wavy hair that he let grow out. He was always messing with it to make sure everything was in place & looking good for the girls who seemed to naturally be attracted to him.

On the other hand, Matthew hadn't quite hit his full height yet and was trailing around six feet tall with blond hair, fair skin, and lots of freckles, which made him always appear younger. He kept his hair short, and; he didn't care to deal with combing it unless he absolutely had to clean himself up. 

Matthew was more interested in hanging out with his best friend but Ryan interested in what the girls liked or didn't like. Ryan had always been the goofy one and Matthew the practical one. It was proving to be a perfect combination on this journey they were on. Each time they completed a challenge together using teamwork, they were rewarded with food and water, and other supplies to survive. They fought with a beast, a river monster, a fall from the cliff, and many other adventures on their journey. They were far away from their home, but they had each other till the end. It was generally Matthew who had little patience for Ryan, but slowly the roles were reversed. They were supporting and understand each other very well. 

"I am the eye of the storm; I can stay calm and centered regardless of anything." 

The island games they had been playing since they arrived on the island's shore were a true mystery. The boys recalled the four different areas they had now been in on the island - the jungle, prairie, desert, and the highlands and find different keys. But the volcano had been their consistent landmark throughout the journey they were on, and they were amazed at themselves as they remembered the crazy challenges they had overcome. 

The boys thought about the game they were being forced to play. They realize it's not really about what life throws your way because bad things can happen and, oftentimes, to excellent people. It's really about how you face those challenges. As the boys continued to reflect on the island games and their past, their memories were starting to come back stronger now, and they had finally reached the point of agreement that they were happier than they had ever been, even though none of this made any sense. 

"A warrior acts despite fear and is willing to do whatever it takes, even if it's hard. A warrior is bigger than any obstacle and never gives up."

The story is fast-paced, but I don't like how the story ends or some dialogue between the main characters. The story is based on the imagination of the 12-year-old author. The author tried very well, but I believe he can do better. I recommend this book to children only. 

About the author - 

Caleb J. Boyer was born in Fargo, North Dakota. He lives in Moorhead, Minnesota, with his family.  His passion for books grew to the point where he started creating his own stories. At twelve years old, he wrote his first book, Island Games, an adventure story. 

He is an Award-winning #1 International Bestselling Author. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Times Square. 

Caleb founded Read-Write, LLC, a company dedicated to instilling youth worldwide with a passion for reading, writing, and entrepreneurship. He learned through life circumstances and find the strength to support and be supported by others.

"Focus on what you want and not on what you don't want; create clear intentions commit to them."

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