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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation by Samyann
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Publisher - Self-published
Genre - Historical Fiction
Publishing year - 2013
Language - English
ISBN - 9780988409002
Price - Rs. 1,464.00

My Review -

This novel is based on reincarnation. The story starts with an accident when a beautiful young woman Amanda Parker saves the life of a handsome Chicago policeman, Mark Callahan. They both feel an instant connection but Amanda thinks that she knows Mark from her past life and her instinct will become stronger when she purchases an antique clock of the 18th century. Amanda lives with her godmother Mary, who is a psychiatrist and a cat named Oprah.

The story revolves around Amanda how she lost her parents and boyfriend. She started thinking that everyone she ever loves will die sooner or later and because of this, she doesn't want to come closer to Mark. Every time she meets Mark she felt a connection with him and with that clock she buys after her accident. Mary helps Amanda to learn things about her past life where she is a girl name, Bonnie.

Ben, the Negro man was Bonnie’s father. Jack is her cousin, and they lived in Virginia. Apparently, Bonnie's parents died and all the other people she ever loved. The truth of Amanda's past life broke her and she started to think about how unlucky she is. But with the help of Marry and the unconditional love of Mark she understands the purpose or truth of her past life. Amanda is very hesitant towards Mark at first, but she has no problem involving him sexually. The kisses and cuddles, as hot as they were, seem pointless and overdone.

But It's a story of love and loss. The details of Amanda's regression session described well. There are so many characters in this book and Amanda tries to figure out who was Mark and what is the connection between the two of them which makes her life tough day by day. The little details in this book, like the St. Michaels church, the angel bells, and many such important artifacts too, later revealed to be real, blew my mind.

The author described historical parts very well as the American Civil War and Chicago fire. There is a story in the story of a different era. The characters are mix with past and present very well. But sometimes it creates confusion or the words used in the 18th century part is stupify. The story is both romantic and mysterious. The story pace is slow. The clock scenes were added to the fascinating spiritual viewpoint throughout the story. The research and detail were just excellent. The feeling of these two characters falling in love will stay with you long after you finish the book. It's a satisfying read and if you are a historical fiction fan then this book is for you.

Buy from Amazon - Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation

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