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Monday, March 12, 2018

The Aluria by Tyler Cook
My Rating - 1.5 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Moonshine Press
Genre - Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Publishing year - 2016
Language - English
ISBN - 9781519750303

My Review - 

Aluria by Tyler Cook is a fantasy, action, adventure novel which revolves around a boy named Jason Conner who lives in Canton and merged with a spirit named, Aluria (means Hope) in order to save his teenage crush, Tessa. After merging with Aluria the superhero of Canton leaves the city to learn about his new powers.

Since Jason and the ancient Aluria merged that fateful night they had become more powerful and in-sync. Their minds had become one. He disappeared for 10 years to explore the world. But then suddenly he returns to save his city from evil Raiz, an old enemy of Aluria, a powerful sorcerer holding black magic.

The author described Jason's come back in brief. He meets his long-lost love Tessa and both recall each other's memory. Tessa is an ambassador of Balton. She is a strong and independent woman has secrets of her own. In the meantime, Raiz wants something from Tessa which grants him infinite power.  There is another character named Bonnie who helps Jason in his superhero journey and covers his tracks. 

"You'd be surprised by how far a person will go to protect the ones they love."

The story of Aluria reminds me of a series named Arrow where Oliver Queen, a rich businessman disappeared and considered to be dead until he came back to save his city. Well, back to Aluria it is a fast-paced story with so many errors. The storyline is one-dimensional. The author didn't do justice to the characters. It's a short read so characters are not described well. The dialogues or description between characters is lame. I can't feel any kind of emotional connection with any of the characters. Aluria and Jason have odds on how to handle situations, with Jason's empathy for his enemies.

Aluria is the first book in a series. The next one is Vigilante which I'm least interested in reading. I don't enjoy reading this book. There is a lot of grammatical and spelling errors that disturb the flow of reading. The character of Tessa was powerful but the author didn't focus on her. She is just used to move the plot and give motivation to Jason. She had potential but nothing happened. This book can't stand on its own because of underdeveloped character or non-sense plot progression. 

All the main components of a good story are missing in this book. I would not truly recommend this book to anyone, but if you have nothing to read or you are a very big fan of Batman or superheroes, then you can give a shot to this book. 

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