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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Genre - Fiction/Suspense
Publishing year - 2018
Language - English
Buy now from Amazon - The Boy (Kindle Edition)

My Review -

The story is well written and engaging. The author creates suspense in starting, but it takes a cliche turn in the end, which I don't like. Overall it's a quick and fun read. One can read this in free time and finish it quickly. The language is simple. It has grammatical errors, and the end disappoints me. I recommend this to newbies.

Synopsis -

A story of a boy who went to play his usual tennis ball cricket in a nearby field. Nothing was unusual that day until in the evening when the boy does not return. And a friend tells her mom that the boy never went to play that day.

A frantic search begins with the neighbors and the boy’s friends pulling in all their resources. Does the boy return? Where did he go? Where was he taken? What happens at the end? 

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