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My Rating - 5 out of 5 stars
Genre - Children book
Publishing year - 2016
Language - English 
Buy now from Amazon - When I Imagine (Kindle Edition)

My Review - 

It's a short bedtime read for children. The author conveys that parents must believe in their childhood imaginations and encourage them for their development. It's a fun story to read. Many parents unknowingly discourage their child's dreams by saying it's not possible or you can't do this or that. The author thinks way too different, and it shows in this story that no matter how young your children are, parents always put faith in their dreams. I recommend this to kids as well as their parents.

Synopsis -

Andie is a little girl with big dreams. In her life, well-meaning adults sometimes try to explain to Andie why her dreams may not be possible. That’s no problem for Andie, who makes them come true anyway - with her imagination!

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