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Monday, August 13, 2018

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Self-published
Genre - Romantic fiction
Publishing year - 2017
Language - English
Buy now - Amazon In

My Review - 

The Fragile Thread of Hope is Pankaj Giri's debut book. It's contemporary fiction. The main characters of this book are Fiona and Soham. The story revolves around their family and love life. Both felt the loss of their loved ones at a very young age, and this tragedy continues in the future. Soham and Fiona are very different, but their pain brings them close to each other.

Soham is an engineer who worked in Bangalore, while Fiona is a school teacher. They have fears and tragic past memories, which made them think they didn't deserve to be happy. They lost the purpose of their life. But later, they overcame with the help of each other. 

The plot is based on Gangtok. The story is slow-paced. The author described characters and events in detail, which is unnecessary and made the story boring. I felt the pain of the characters. It's been an emotional roller coaster ride for me. The characters grow slowly.

I like Fiona's mother, Sharon's character. She is a strong woman. The main character Soham and Fiona, are a little dull, maybe because of their past. The author can do much better with these two characters.

Writing and vocabulary are good. But there are a few words which I don't like, especially the word Nani. It's a self-published book. I really appreciate the author's writing and the effort he put into this story. It's a heart-melting story and a piece of art. This book tells us that they never give up and never loses hope. I recommend this to all. 

Blurb - 

A gripping emotional, inspirational fiction about love, loss, and finding hope in the darkest of times.
In the autumn of 2012, destiny wreaks havoc on two unsuspecting people—Soham and Fiona.
Although his devastating past involving his brother still haunted him, Soham had established a promising career for himself in Bangalore.
After a difficult childhood, Fiona's fortunes had finally taken a turn for the better. She had married her beloved, and her life was as perfect as she had ever imagined it to be.
But when tragedy strikes them yet again, their fundamentally fragile lives threaten to fall apart.
Can Fiona and Soham overcome their grief?
Will the overwhelming pain destroy their lives?
Seasoned with the flavors of exotic Nepalese traditions and set in the picturesque Indian hill station, Gangtok, The Fragile Thread of Hope explores the themes of spirituality, faith, alcoholism, love, and guilt while navigating the complex maze of family relationships.
Inspirational and heart-wrenchingly intimate, it urges you to wonder—does hope to stand a chance in this travesty called life?

About the author - 
Pankaj Giri was born and brought up in Gangtok, Sikkim—a picturesque hill station in India. He began his writing career in 2015 by co-authoring a book—Friendship Love and Killer Escapades (FLAKE). Learning from experience and the constructive criticism he got for his first book, he has now written a new novel—The Fragile Thread of Hope, a mainstream literary fiction dealing with love, loss, and family relationships. He is currently working in the government sector in Sikkim. He likes to kill time by listening to progressive metal music and watching cricket.


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