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Hello, all the beautiful ladies and men too,

Today is Karva Chauth. For those who don't know about it, I'll give you a short description. This is a Hindu festival celebrated by married women. They ate fruits before sunrise, and then all day, they do fast for their husband's long life. They wear traditional dress and apply henna to their hands. Listen to some stories regarding Karva Chauth. In the evening, when the moon rises, they open their fast by seeing their husband's face.

Well, not every Indian woman does this. But those who do, have their faith in it, or maybe it was just forced on themselves by in-laws or society. In India, it's all very common. We have a hell of a lot of rituals and festivals. Mostly start with fast, and end up with touching husband's feet. I had a conversation with someone about this. I asked him, have you ever given a thought that why only your mother or grandmother does this for their husbands. Why not Indian men also do the same for their wives? He says I don't know. He never thought about it; maybe I guess he just doesn't care, or his upbringing has happened like every other Indian man. 

But one thing is clear that Indian men don't care (maybe not all men but ya approx. 95%) about all these things because it was not forced upon them. There's not a single thing where men do something for their wives. Bloody society!! We live in the 21st century, talking about feminism or equal rights. But when it comes to the age-old customs, we do nothing. Only a few people question all these things, and they get a sharp look from the family, friends, and society.

If we talk scientifically, then please tell me how keeping your partner hungry and thirsty all day increases your lifespan. Don't you have any feelings or humanity? No one makes a man do any of those things. Why always a woman suffer for their doltish husband. I guess they don't love their wife, or maybe their male ego comes in their way.

There are few mythological stories related to this festival. All point to only one direction; if a wife will do this, their husband gets a plentiful and healthy life. Well, as a woman, I need a long life too. I also have problems in my life. I definitely use my husband's efforts and this fast. But who cares, right your husband doesn't want to do this because he never saw his father do the same. He never asked her mother to do this because she wants to or just because everybody else wants this from her. She sees her mother as a perfect wife who does all the chores happily, never complained, never asks any questions. There's a lack of thoughtfulness in Indian men.

I heard about a few couples who do this fast together, no discrimination at all. I love those kinds of people. I adore and respect them. Being a Jain, we don't celebrate this thing. My father always told me that if you don't want to do anything, just don't do it. No God or divine spirit will be pleased if you starve or died because of hunger. I took his advice. Sincerely. I don't question your faith but be honest with yourself. As a woman, I believe these things definitely cross your mind. Just don't follow these rituals because your elders say so. But if you still have to do this under pressure or by your own wish, just ask your partner to do the same for you. Your husband took a vow too on your marriage day. Ask him to honor it. Don't do crazy stuff just because you are a woman and a married one. Trust me, you deserve all the things you want from your life and relationship. But for that, you have to question every single thing. Make your choices and opinions loud and clear. 

Happy Karva Chauth!

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