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Friday, December 14, 2018

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the creator of NIKE by Phil Knight
My Rating - 5 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Genre - Autobiography
Publishing year - April 2016
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1-4711-4671-8
Pages - 386
Buy now - Amazon IN

My Review -

Wow! What a delightful read it is. Shoe Dog was in my reading list for a quite long time, but I never managed time to read it. But now I am gladsome that I read this stunning memoir. We all heard about the brand NIKE, a shoe company. But we don't know about the journey of NIKE's founders Philip Knight and Bowerman. We definitely Google some facts, but Google will not connect us to their story emotionally. 

In his autobiography, Phil talks about his personal and professional life in a very subtle manner. If you think about shoes all the time even at the time of your children birth too that will be made you Shoe Dog. The title goes perfectly with the storyline. The cover page is artless and precise with a monogram of NIKE. 

Phil Knight dedicates this book to his grandchildren so they will know about him and his company. He born in Oregon; earned a master degree from Stanford University. In his college time, he made a paper regarding shoes which stuck with him for a long time. Phil travels the whole world at the age of 24. After coming home, he started his own company named Blue Ribbon which sale Japanese shoes in the USA. 

Like it or not, Life is a game. The journey he embarks is breathtaking. He took some very consequential decisions in his professional life. Like others, he was also afraid, but he never stops believing in his dreams. There was more than one moment when he nearly lost his business, but his determination and hard work of his employees pay him well. He describes every single employee of his in detail who works their ass off to make Blue Ribbon into NIKE. He talks about the athletes of his time, the one who became a part of his company.

Knight's wife Penny was his backbone. Phil talks about his relationship with his parents and with his son Matthew and Travis. I like the love story of Phil and Penny, the way they meet made me chuckle. When you see only problems, you're not seeing clearly. Phil is an introvert. He appreciates people around him but unable to give them encouraging words which bother some of his employees. Few incidents make me laugh. There are so many things which I didn't know about NIKE like the logo of NIKE is created by a struggling artist, or Phil works as a teacher and sales agent too. 

If you want to know how and when Blue Ribbon became NIKE. What is the story behind this name NIKE, and why all the letters are written in caps? Phil's pain when he lost his son; when he lost his contract. When media constantly questions NIKE's future and poor condition of the company. How Phil's use his knowledge, changes his perspective about advertisements and going public, all the answers is in this book. A business start with $50 in 1963 now becomes a $30 billion company. The brand which gives competition to Adidas, Puma, and many more. I love this book.

The language is imposing. Phil's a gifted storyteller. The end of the book makes me pensive about destiny. It is way too perfect. The story inspires the readers. This book is for a specific genre of people. The one who loves memoirs and for those who are interested in business, accounting, or economic lovers. But still, I recommend this book to all the readers. It inspires me and expands my knowledge. 

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