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Friday, February 22, 2019

Done With Her: A revelation that stabs at your subconscious by Chirasree Bose
My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Self-published
Genre - Thriller/Crime/Mystery
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English 
Pages - 73

My Review -

Done with her by Chirasree Bose is a debut book based on suspense and dark romance. Lust is so appallingly undervalued, I think at this moment. The first line of the book creates a curiosity to read more. I am so intrigued by every little detail of the cover page. 

The main lead of the story Spreeha has a mysterious charm and seductive personality. She works in a multinational company in Pune. Avesh, Vrijen, and Spreeha are colleagues. While the other character is Dheeraj Sahay, Avesh and Vrijen's old friend who disappeared into thin air after a horrible incident. The story unfolds their lustrous desires and atrocious acts. The past they buried years ago is now in front of them seeking revenge in a mystifying manner. 

Dheeraj, Avesh, and Vrijen were trying to find a way to stop all the threats in every possible way. While Spreeha is working on her hidden agenda with the help of other characters. Whatever happened in their past portray their mental state. The end is unforeseen. As a debut author, Chirasree Bose really impressed me.

The character of Spreeha has amazed me while Avesh's character was nasty. Chirasree Bose unfolds every crucial detail of the story at the right time. The author tries to give a social message. The story is full of drama, emotions, and suspense. I felt the book should have been longer, and the character of Avesh's father is in dim light which I don't like because somehow he is also a part of the wrong. The writing is flawless without any errors. The story hooks the readers. It's a short thriller read. I recommend it to every crime/thriller lover and newbie. 

    My favorite lines from the book -
  1. Love takes over your heart, whereas lust owns your mind.
  2. Light often blinds your vision. You don't see what you want to. You see what it wants to show you.
  3. Black is blamed for its downright honesty. It's bold, it's gusty, it has nothing to hide.
  4. When your actions are driven by your weakness, you tend to give yourself away. 
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