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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Volcanic Moments: Heart Popping Tales by Mona Mohanty
My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Author Press
Genre - Short stories
Publishing year - 2018
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-87651-93-7
Pages - 144

My Review - 

Volcanic Moments is literally a heart popping tales written by Mona Mohanty. The book has twenty-five different stories. The cover page could have been better. It is the author's second book. 

The stories are about different aspects of society. It includes dark humor, social issues, and homicide. The author has a commendable grip over the language. The way Mona Mohanty uses her impeccable vocabulary; it makes me feel why I didn't read this book sooner. The few stories were easily predictable while others were playing with readers' minds. The Stowaway story is my favorite. I read it twice to understand the gist of it. (PS - Don't judge me, please.) It was a significant story in the whole book which amazed me. 

The author weaves all the stories with great passion, and I really enjoyed reading this book. The stories are reflective of our age-old customs where women are considered as an object only. Through acid attack to the wraith, women mongers to abusive husbands, the author contemplates almost every key point. The narration is flawless. The stories are fast-paced. If you like to read short stories with a suspense element in it, then I definitely recommend this book to you.

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