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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Diving Boy Books
Genre - Historical Fiction
Publishing year - 2015
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-0-990-932864
Pages - 250

My Review - 

Delivering Virtue by Brian Kindall is the first book of the Didier Rain Epic series. The plot is based on an adventurous journey where the faith of the world depends on a girl. It's historical fiction. I like the thought process behind the cover page. 

The main character is Didier Rain. He is a deliverer, poet, and a broken man. He got a task to hand over an infant named Virtue to the City of Rocks. The girl is considered a prime part of a prophecy, and she has to tie the knot with Prophet Nehi. The journey that starts with hope soon turns into violence, death, grief, and endless encounters that questions humanity and Rain's intentions. 

The story revolves around Rain's fantasy, and his past incidents clearly affect his present life decisions. He developed a parental feeling towards Virtue, but with time the story turns upside down. The characters feel torture and a nuisance. This brings them close to each other. After a certain point, the readers can predict the few stories because the male protagonist has a thing for beautiful women. Brian Kindall involves fairytales, biblical stories, American Indians, and their traditions, making the story more gripping and fast-paced. I will not reveal the climax, but the end left lots of questions, which leads the reader to its second book. 

The characters are dark and shady, but at the same time, they have light in their hearts. The author portrays the passage in a compelling way, but I feel at someplace it is unnecessarily stretched. The story narrates from Rain's POV. Virtue's character is dull and clumsy. While the other characters, especially horses and a woman named Turtle Dove, played a significant role. As an author, Brian learns how to play with words. The selection of vocabulary is praiseworthy. The writing is flawless. This novel is a mixture of dark humor and fantasy of a man, which leads him to an unexpected journey full of twists and turns. If you like to read dark fiction, this book is perfect for you. 

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Blurb -

Didier Rain is broke, lovesick, and just off a three-day whiskey binge. And yet, the Church of the Restructured Truth has been told in a vision that he's the man who fulfills Holy Prophecy. He must deliver Virtue - a blue-eyed infant - 1,000 miles along the western pioneer trail to their prophet's stronghold as his child bride to be. Savages, zealots, and wildfire all stand in Rain's way, not to mention a list of Thou-shalt-not designed to thwart any man's most basic comforts. But, there's something holy about the job - something, Rain suspects, that might just turn his sorry life toward a better path.

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