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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Zenith Star
Genre - Mythological Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-8192814537
Pages - 324

My Review - 

Religion has destroyed human faith rather than strengthen it.

Kavach of Surya by Surendra Nath is a sequel to Karna's Alter Ego. This book embarks on the journey of a man named Vasu. He is in search of Karna's divine Kundal and Kavach. Karna is a mythological character of the great epic Mahabharata. Before the brutal war between Kaurav and Pandav's starts, Lord Indra asked Karan to give his divine armor and hide it on Earth's different parts. 

In the previous book, Vasu met with Karna and become his disciple. Now the story revolves around a hidden mystery, facts, and fiction. According to the myth, only a true believer will find Karna's Kavach and Kundal. In Vasu's deadly search, he met with different immortals and learns about life and death. It is crucial to find a purpose in life, Vasu is struggling with that. 

He begins his expedition with the blessings of Karna and other immortal people like Vibhisan and Guru Parashurama. Vasu proves his worth throughout his journey. If he finds the precious weapons, he can wear it, and protect the world, but if terrorist finds it first, everything will be shattered. The fate of the world depends upon Vasu. 

Surendra Nath fascinatingly tells the story. It is fast-paced. It spellbinds me all the time when I read about any legendary character and the different eras. Sahar and famous scientists prove to be great allies to Vasu. I feel the Vrishali's persona, Vasu's wife, is clumsy. The villain of the story is quite an interesting person. Overall, this book proves to be worthy of my time. I recommend this book, but only if you're interested in mythology. 

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