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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher - B.K. Publications
Genre - Romantic Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-93-85507-84-7
Pages - 236

My Review - 

An Unmatched Couple's Misfit Relationship: Experience a Love, Never Experiment a Break-up by Biswajit Mishra is the writer's debut book. As per the title, the plot is based on experiencing love and breakups by the female lead. I feel the cover page a little blurry. It could have been better. 

The female protagonist Paayesha is a bank employee. The other main character is Rishav, Paayesha's colleague. The story revolves around Paayesha's love life and broken relationships where she falls in love more than once. Rishav, one of her love interest, is always stand by her side in all the hard times. Paayesha has experience depression, but with the help of Rishav, she moves on. Paayesha's character is full of drama and misery, while Rishav proves to be a light-bringer. They like each other, but distance and immaturity tore their relationship. The story is thought-provoking, but why we always look up to someone else for contentment? We are the key to our happiness, and soon we realize this fact, sooner we find inner solace. 

The characters didn't grow with time. I feel that the characters are weak and dumb. But somehow, the reader can connect with Paayesha or Rishav's personality in real life. The abrupt end also disappoints me. The language is lucid, but I find few typo errors. 

Biswajit Mishra narrates college love, problems create because of alcoholism, extramarital affair, depression, and most importantly, the need for love in one's life. The story has different aspects that make it an engaging read. But as a reader, I expect more to read about other characters' POV. The family didn't play a vital role. Overall, the book is fast-paced. It is a good pass time read for newbies and romance fantasy lovers.  

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Blurb -

All the time, she hoped and dreamt of a better tomorrow in her life in six years. Her experiences are both good and evil; the man, the mind, and the moral… were, repeatedly, failed, woke up, and then moved on. 

Paayesha solely grows with the time, experiences multiple affairs, extensively pulling out her inner persona to face reality. Finally, she leads by conquering her insight while finding the literal tranquility and reflects moral… “Accept what it comes and dare to face, not always that comes what we expect.”

Even she went deep through the life to realize, “the time, the reality and the present are the factual ingredients for life, rest everything virtual, an unseen mirage…!”

She realized four men in five years. While searching for the fifth man in her sixth year, what she expects, and finally accepts…? Is that a fortuitous Paayesha finally impounded felicitously? It would be favorite stuff in a single gulp, for anyone, whoever had experienced a breakup at least once in a lifetime.