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Feeling drowns in work. It might be a good sign or not. Eyes are feeling weighty; the mind is not working suitably. The letters are scrambled like a jigsaw puzzle, but she still wants to write. She wants to read a little more, just one more page, and then I'll sleep, she said to herself.

The wall clock and bed are waiting for four hours to finish that one page. No response by her side. It was her usual. The silence of night creates a perfect atmosphere to read and write. She can easily hear her own thoughts. Dive into the imaginary world where people work at night and sleeps in the afternoon. Well, at least in that way, no one pinpoints women for anything. No one is afraid of the dark or devil. Or maybe we can change the concept of patriarchy. Believe me, there will be no war if women run the world. No fricking world war!!!!!! Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other. 

The clock is ticking, and the voice inside her head told her to sleep. But does she ever listen to him? Hell yes, but not when she is working. So she just read one more page and then hopefully goes to bed.