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Another insomniac night, but today is different. She finishes reading a book on love and breakup, which leads her into the memory lane of the past and somehow threatens her future because she has a thing for an emotional dilemma. When no one cries, she is the one who secretly wipes her tears. To put herself in every situation, thinking what will I do if this or that happens in my life is her favorite pass time thing. I guess few people born sentimental and mental, for others to be precise. 

As a reader, she can't deny the intense impact of characters and the storyline on herself. Sometimes it breaks her heart to feel the pain of a protagonist because deep down, she relates to that story or anecdote, or maybe her mind just plays tricks. She invests her time and energy into the reading, and after a certain point, she starts feeling that it might be her story. She feels sad; sometimes cry too. It happens most of the time until she doesn't find a new book to read, but then again, she goes through the same process, which is fun indeed. To live thousands of lives and feel incalculable emotions is a thrilling experience which only a reader can sense. 

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