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Have you ever been to that place where everything seems meaningless or not worthy enough to fight for? Have you ever been there putting a lot of effort, knowing that it will never change or maybe you'll never change? We all go through stuff; few people are good enough to hide it. Everyone is struggling with their problems. We think we are the only ones. The feeling of loneliness, the thought of "no one understands me," the shadow of the dark captures our soul slowly and continuously. The best part is no one can feel or do something about it until it is too late. 

Life is hard no matter what you say. Someday you are happy, someday you cry, someday you lost yourself, someday you find yourself. Relationship sucks, people leave, you fall, and you grow. No matter how hard you try, people will always see what they want to see. Still, you just put a show for others all the time. You really think that it is important to show others how happy you are instead of working on your problems. All the suffering you endure is it really worth it? Are those people worthy enough? It is easy to avoid the matter, but it will cost us the best thing you all have LOVE in the long run. 

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