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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Notion Press
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2018
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1-64324-009-1
Pages - 213

My Review - 

We all have dreams, but only a few dare to endure them. The Big Switch by John Thomas is all about hope and dreams. It's the author's debut book. The cover page and title make sense after a certain point in the story. I really like the idea of a man walking on the rope. It portrays the main lead's lifestyle suitably. 

Plot - The male protagonist Keith is 24 years old lives in Mumbai. He's a software engineer and a corporate slave; he works late at night without any job satisfaction to fulfill his family duties. His life changed when his girlfriend Maya left him, and he met Ramesh in Bangalore for work purposes. They two soon create a bond, and Ramesh's positive attitude affects Keith so much that he starts believing in his dreams. Keith tries football but somehow ends up with writing. The story revolves around Keith's transformation into a more sophisticated and enthusiastic person. 

Characters - Keith's personality evolves with time. I like Ramesh's part very much. It was well portrayed and has the potential to inspire readers as well. The other roles were fulfilled by Brijesh and Kyra. Brijesh is a carefree person and Keith's roommate. He always supports Keith and looks out for him. 

Kyra comes as a blessing in Keith's troubled life. She is independent and a strong girl who helps Keith in his writing process. She is also the love interest of the protagonist. Sadly, her character is overshadowed by Keith's. I hope that John Thomas will give the female leads proper space and time in his next book. 

Language, Narration, and formatting - The writing is remarkable and hooked readers. It's a medium-paced story with simple English. There are no grammatical errors, but the fonts are way too small. It hurts my eyes, and it takes a long time to finish the book. Throughout the book, I wish for larger fonts, but I didn't get it. Poor me!!!! 

The book is inspired by the author's experiences. He is also a software engineer, and that helped him writing very well about Keith's frustration. The story inspired the readers and makes them believe in their dreams and to follow their hearts. It will let us assume that age doesn't matter when it comes to one's aspiration. I really liked this one, and recommend it without any doubts. 

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