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Book Name - Maya Initiate 39
Author - Mr. Ben
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Pen It Publication, LLC
Publication date - 23 February 2019

Blurb - 

Maya: Initiate 39 is an adult work-piece that explores the ordeals of Maya Isaacs. An over-protected single child, a victim of a broken home, Maya was raised single-handedly by a man whom she knew as her father, Samuel. He had divorced his wife, Cynthia, years ago on grounds of infidelity before Maya turned three years old. Growing up in Durban was a heady mixture of good, bad and ugly for Maya.

Through the influence of wrong peers, Maya went into the underworld endeavors of stealing, drug trafficking, and prostitution, under the cover of a very perverse juvenile assembly called the Alternative Lifestyle Club (The ALC). She joined the club in the pursuit of what she called her "destiny" and became popular among many top-notch Southern Africans.

After several disappointments, Maya thought she could use her connections to bite the fingers that fed her, by carrying out the assignments given her own way - a way of letting the organization know that she was no push-over. But that was not the case! Consequently, Craig and Ms. Diana, the active players of the club, led this juvenile to her doom. They set her up and the police did the rest. The long arm of the law landed her in prison in Johannesburg. It was while she was in prison that she realized that changing for the better would be the only way to save herself.

Through a favor from Van Brussels, a rich gold merchant, school owner and chairperson of the Louisville Shipping Company, against whom she had committed a crime in the past, Maya was released from prison before the stipulated the sentence was up. She was sent to the United States for secretarial studies, worked for Van Brussels' company for a couple of years, and then returned to her native Durban home in South Africa with her husband, Daniel Young, to find her father, whom she had left years before.

About the author - 

Mr. Ben was born in Nigeria and now lives in Lagos. He studied Science and Laboratory Technology and Mechanical Engineering in university. He has been writing since 2006 and has authored several books. He has won numerous writing contests and competitions. He also does voice-overs. He is a poet and writes thought-provoking books on Christianity, Marriage and other topics. It is his goal to bring humanity to a stance of practical understanding of appreciating the entirety of its existence by recognizing subtle, demystified and easy-to-relate-with philosophies(the true light of mankind) that transcend 'threshold' notions about living using the mechanism of creative writing. His hobbies include playing and watching football, listening to quality musical genres, talking sensibly, reading and writing, traveling, communicating, watching an epic, classical, and action-packed modern movies.

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