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Book Name - Esperanza
Author - Tommy Tutalo
Genre - Contemporary Fiction
Publisher - Self-published (Createspace)
Publication date - 8 August 2017

Blurb - 

Three journals left behind by Gabriela, after her untimely death, for her daughter, Sarita, a young adult, become windows into the past. The past then becomes alive, as Sarita reads through the journals, and learns more about the life of Gabriela, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, who seeks the American Dream, and Dante, an artist, who seeks redemption. Both are united and divided by a crime syndicate, Nada Mas, and eventually, what binds them back together is a child, Sarita. It is after both Gabriela and Dante break ties with Nada Mas that Gabriela is abducted, held captive, and forcefully deported back to Mexico, and Dante, who is seeking refuge in Mexico, takes Sarita with him, from New Jersey, cross country, to Mexico, and back, all while two separate branches of the FBI are pursuing Dante, along with Nada Mas. In the end, Sarita learns about her true origins and Dante and Gabriela discover the truth. 

About the author - 

Tommy Tutalo is an independent author, writer, photographer, painter, and visual artist, whose work is considered to be diverse, and universal. A native of West Orange, New Jersey, Tommy comes from a hardworking, and loving blue-collar family, and grew up in an ethnically diverse community. Both Tommy’s upbringing and the melting pot he grew up in have been two influential factors in his life and the arts. At an early age, Tommy discovered a love for both the arts and the beautiful game, soccer. Soccer would become Tommy’s first outlet, and craft he would nourish and pursue, putting the arts off as secondary. 

Tommy’s hard work ethic, devotion, and perseverance with soccer would enable Tommy to play at a very high level during his adolescent years, becoming one of the most decorated and recognized players in New Jersey, and eventually sought by, and play for The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, where he would win a DIV III National Championship with the 2001 team. This would be the pinnacle of Tommy’s soccer career, and the foundation for the next phase in his life. 

As one door shut, another door opened, and Tommy would then pursue the arts, learning many different art mediums during, and after graduating from college, with a Bachelor of the Arts degree, Art History, and by any means devote his life to living as an independent artist and author.

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Twitter - @TommyTutalo
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