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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Srishti Publisher and Distributors
Genre - Romantic Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-87022-52-2
Pages - 191

My Review - 

I am always here with you is Kartik and Ashima's story, but can someone really be with you, no matter the situation? The plot revolves around their love story with a setting of Dehradun and Noida. They are madly in love; their love is so deep that they didn't care about anybody else. 

Kartik is well built, while Ashima is beautiful in her own ways. They first met in school, and their relationship grows with time. They got married to each other and soon expecting a baby. Life is all good, but for Kartik, something is amiss. In the journey of love, he lost a person who was his ideal. As time flies, Kartik tries his best to mend his father's relationship with Ashima's help. But things will take a sloppy turn and leave everybody in pain and torment. 

In the middle of the story, Himanshu Rai gives a disclaimer to not read the story further if you're too emotional. The same point I read in Ajay K. Pandey's novel You are the best wife. Before the disclaimer, the story is sweet; it took a dramatic turn for the characters and readers. Indian parents and their love for engineering are found in this book. Kartik's father wants him to pursue Maths and become an engineer, but he opts for Arts. As a typical Indian father, he stopped talking to Kartik and blames Ashima for everything. Kartik and Ashima's bond touches the heart. 

The language is simple, but grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and printing errors are noticeable. The author effortlessly narrates the story in the past and present, but the cover page is not striking. The characters are a bit dull, and their expectations from each other move forward in the story. I like the way Himanshu Rai describes the female protagonist's pain. Sanjeev and Rashmi played a short but indispensable role. Rashmi's persona felt a little bit unrealistic. The last three chapters felt abruptly written. I feel a little emotional when I read Kartik's letters. Overall, this book is a journey of love with desolation. I recommend it to newbies and romantic fiction lovers. 

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