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Steal My Heart by Aimee O’Brian 
Published by: Tule Publishing
Publication date: August 5th, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

When a fantasy turns into a cold reality
Lexanne Harris had a plan down to the last sexy detail. Never did she think her attempt to spice up her love life with her boyfriend would involve her in a burglary with a sexier than sin thief whose emerald eyes and serious between the sheets skills are impossible to forget. As a police detective she is expected to stand on the side of the law and fight for justice. But what happens when the lines of justice blur and what’s wrong becomes way too tempting?
The situation might be challenging but Lexanne is determined to get assigned to the case, recover the jewels and catch the culprit.
The question is: What will she do with her sexy cat burglar when she catches him?

Author Bio:
Having lived in both California and Texas, Aimee O’Brian now resides in the beautiful wine country. With her three children grown and experiencing their own adventures, she and her husband are free to explore the world. When she’s not reading, writing, or planting even more perennials in her garden, she can be found stomping through ancient ruins and getting lost in museums. 
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Q.1 Tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know?
A. I’ve been a storyteller my whole life but didn’t really understand how that made me different. Whenever I was bored or stressed out, even as a child, I would go into my imaginary world with my many characters. I could spend hours daydreaming about all of their adventures. Later when I was raising my own children, I set that aside, shoved it in a metaphorical closet, because I was too busy finding missing shoes so we could get out the door to school, T-ball, dance, soccer, cheer, the band - you name it. But once the kids grew up, and I opened that bulging door - well you know what it’s like when you open an over-crowded closet - there’s no shoving everything back in. All those characters were here to stay, so now I’m writing their stories, and I know I’ve found my place in the world. 

Q.2 How did you come up with the name of this book?
A. I like novel titles that play on words. With a cop falling for a cat burglar, Steal My Heart was perfect.

Q.3 Do you read yourself, and if so what is your favorite genre?
A. I started reading romance at age thirteen. I read all the subgenres, but continually find myself drawn to historical romances set in eras with beautiful gowns and gracious manners whether Victorian, Regency or Gilded Age, but I don’t mind a gritty scene or two. I’d like to see more stories that depict not only the wealthy but the underclasses that served them. Servants deserve romance and a happily ever after too. 

Q.4 What inspired you to write this book?
A. Steal My Heart is my fourth completed novel, but the first to find a publisher. I was finding it difficult to break into publishing with the heart-felt, suspenseful stories I was writing, so I set out to write a first-person, fast-paced, hot contemporary romance to see if I could do it. Apparently, I can because here we are.

Q.5 What can we expect from you in the future?
A. I’m working on another first-person, hot contemporary romance, featuring a secondary character from Steal My Heart. This one will be set in the realm of LA fashion. I still plan to find a home for my three finished novels: Don’t Call Me Crazy, a spicy contemporary with elements of suspense set in San Francisco; Don’t Call Me Darling, romantic suspense with a film noir feel; and Twins Hearts, romantic suspense with an 80’s spin.

Q.6 Describe your writing style.
A. I let my characters talk in my head for a few months until I get to know them. Once I have their names, their city, their conflicting goals, the plot begins to take shape and I begin to write.  But I only have a vague idea of how I will get from the beginning to the climax to the resolution. Much of what happens along the way is a surprise even to me. Secondary characters I never conceived of just appear on the page and sometimes they just say funny things. For me, that’s the best part, and my crazy imagination becomes a gift I can share with you.