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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Self-published
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English
Pages - 105

My Review - 
Love is abused by many, practiced by a few, experienced by fewer, and lived up to by those destined for each other. 

The Love Dose is a debut book by Romil Zaveri. The story is based on a twisted family issue, void of affection in the character's life. The cover page fails to draw attention. It could have been much better.

Plot - The story starts with Amanda and how her incapability leads her to a dark route, which she regrets later. Toad, Amanda and Keith's son, create a new chapter of his life at the University of Milton. He befriended Sara and fall for her at first glance. Sara is a beautiful and well-known girl admired by many boys. She brings a positive change in Toad's life. Their relationship was sweet but ends without any solid ground. 

Sara moves on with her life and meets Ron, a spoiled brat. Their love blossoms, but again destiny plays a bad joke that leaves Sara isolated. Meanwhile, Amanda and Keith's relationship grew bitter day by day, which affects Toad the most. The entry of Amelie in their lives proves to be an end for Amanda's happiness. Some truths hidden in the closet came into the light. 

Characters - It's hard to tell which one plays the leading role. Amanda portrays as a jealous and insecure woman, but she's determined when it comes to love. Still, she and Keith always fight and disrespect each other. After an unfortunate accident, Amanda abandoned Toad. She is self-centered and vulnerable. I didn't like her at all. 

At the age of 45, Keith looks like 50 years old. His stubborn demeanor bothered Amanda. His relationship with Amelie seems short-sighted. Amanda crushes his self-respect every day while Amelie brings the best out of him. 

Sara is the most confused character I have ever seen. She believes in giving chances, but I don't know what happened to her when it comes to Toad. Her parent's separation and restriction affect her decisions.

Toad moved to a new city, but the childhood incidents make him an anxious person in his present situation. I like the way his relationship starts via calls and texts with Sara. It seems natural. I didn't like him because he never bothered to discover the real reasons for so many essential things. 

Writing and Narration - I don't like the way Romil Zaveri left the characters at a cliff-hanger. Ron's character has the potential to stand out, but the author didn't give him time to grow. The way he describes the true nature of a person is significant. The narration is smooth as silk. The language is understandable. 

Overall, this book proves to be a light read, which starts with a slow-pace but soon speeds up. The ends seem superficial that too placed in the Mumbai city. Romil Zaveri thoughtfully writes about the attachment, desires, and weakness; one feels while in love. As a debut author, I appreciate his efforts and wish him luck for his future projects. I recommend this book to the newbie. 

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