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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Leadstart Publishing
Genre - Non-Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-52016-91-4
Pages - 218

My Review - 

Rewire is a debut book written by Jay Kumar Hariharan. The plot is based on the experiences he had as an executive coach. I like the cover page due to its simplicity and craftiness. 

We all have good and bad moments in our life. We choose our path, but sometimes we need guidance or a new perspective towards our decisions. In this book, the author helps the readers find their way and become worthy leaders. The book is divided into three parts: Context and Current State, Factors that Influence Reinvention and Reinventing your Life, and Leadership. 

The first part is about how we achieve what we want and understand the meaning of leadership. We get to establish a new belief. In the second part, we learn the importance of hierarchy and the way institutions handle change. In the last section, the author talks about self-awareness, feedbacks, the importance of difficulty, acceptance, and the need for humor in life.  

If we need to seriously change the course of our life, we need to pay attention to investing energy in the right environment - to people and conversations.

Jay Kumar has excellent expertise in vocabulary. I learned a lot from this book. He used a lot of movies, books, and real-life incidents as a reference. It makes the novel an interesting read. At some points, I feel the content is repetitive, plus proofreading was not done thoroughly. I like the flow of writing. One can start reading from any chapter they want. The author's thoughts were candid. 

This book is not a self-help one. It is more like a guide where one can reflect on past decisions and understand that proper direction requires at all points. One can learn a lot from others' wisdom. This book is that kind of. I recommend it to non-fiction lovers plus those who are working in the corporate sector. 

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