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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Kingston Publishing Company
Genre - Young Adult
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-1-64533-133-9
Pages - 256

My Review - 
Revenge is best served as you kiss them on the lips and stab them in the heart.

In the first book, High School Queens, we learn who the Marked Queen is and her intentions. She revealed some of the darkest secrets of Johnson Prep students and made enemies in the process. The Revenged Queen is the second book in a trilogy written by Zachary Ryan. Taking forward the revenge spree, this book deals with lies and backstabbing. 

When Bethany reveals herself as the Marked Queen in prom, she thinks people will admire her. So she was startled when the Revenged Queen came after her. Danielle and Calvin's friendship remains intact, but they didn't learn from their past mistakes. Actually, no one did. Delilah goes after Danielle for breaking her trust; in the process, she gets what she wants. Jordan still feels the same loneliness, but a new character, Alassane, tries to help her to get through difficult times. 

Everyone focuses on the graduation ceremony, but the Revenged Queen digs deeper to take down Bethany, Danielle, and Susan. Calvin felt used by Terrell and understood the strain of being gay. He and Aman share a strong bond that finally changes Aman's mind. But Calvin's secret will hurt the Aman most in the future. While Danielle goes into a dark path, she loses Dan and stops caring about what others think. Finally, Tucker and Emily face the ghost from their past, revealing how fucked up their lives are. 

Jordan was in full vengeance mode, while Bethany's focus was on being graduated by any means necessary. She thought revealing others' secrets would give her satisfaction, but all she did was lay her death bed. The sad break-up, parental issues, make peace with the deceased, lewd secrets, this book builds a lot more strain on the character's life. 

This book also has some editing glitches, but it is a page-turner, like the first book. In both books, the game was to take down the current queen and reveal secrets. In the third book, rules were changed, and this new queen will not hesitate to take life. My money is on Jasmine. Overall, I liked the story and can't wait to start with the last book. Go for it if you want something sassy to read. 

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