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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher - HarperCollins India
Genre - Mythological Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-93-5357-076-7
Pages - 350

My Review -

The first book Narasimha is a part of The Mahaavatar Trilogy, written by Kevin MissalThe cover page is bewitching. It is based on the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who killed the corrupt and becomes an avatar. 

The story begins with the death of Kayadhu, mother of Anuhrad, and Prahlad, wife of Hiranyakashyap. In the absence of Kayadhu's husband, Lord Indra breaks the truce, and it causes an unending war between Devas and Asuras. Hiranyakashyap, loaded with a vengeance, seeks the help of Danavs and ancient Astra.

In the battleground, Prahlad feels the need to have some faith to endure, and he turned to his teacher Narad for help. He soon becomes the disciple of Lord Vishnu. Asuras don't believe in Gods, and that makes Prahlad a traitor. With the fading memories of his mother, Prahlad stuck between right or wrong.

Anuhrad was sent to help his cousin Andhaka. There he learned the truth about his father and uncle, which devastates him. To kill Andhaka, a Simha known as Nara comes from exile and helps Bhairav, the Ganas leader. Nara left the war years ago, and when he comes, he fears the worst would happen. Hiranyakashyap finds a deadly weapon that will create mayhem. While Andhaka has some other plans which will change the course of the war.

The story is intriguing, and it has many sub-plots. Kevin Missal keeps the language and narration simple. The fabrication is anticipated indeed, but the female characters like Holika, Dhriti, and Chenchen were portrayed as strong and skillful women. I also like Kayadhu's fierceness. The wicked personalities draw amicably; one can feel compassion for them.

Hiranya arched his brows. Perhaps you can call me noble, my child. Your mother's death has brought out the worst in me. I have to do things for this empire, for this throne, that I'm not proud of. But you don't. You have no reason to. I am an uneducated, brash man from the streets of Pataal, but you... you have a different upbringing.

This is a story of revenge, redemption, friendship, and loyalty. I'll be hoping to have more suspense in the second book. If you like fast-paced mythological fiction, pick this book. 

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