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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Arrive At Success by Sandeep Nath
My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Published by - Notion Press
Genre - Non-Fiction
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1-64783-590-3
Pages - 143

My Review - 

Arrive at Success is a debut book written by Sandeep Nath, who is a global orator and mentor. The book comprises his experiences and the things he learned with other networkers. Quoting the author, "Network marketing is life at a higher vibratory level. It is the springboard for personal success and a designer life. And what's more, it provides a platform for us to design other's lives."

Imagine a future where you want to retire early or work only a few hours a week or have millions in your accounts. How will you fulfill your goals? The author explained Robert Kiyosaki's B-quadrant, where one cannot become rich by doing a job for someone else. You have to take risks. You have to invest money, and your assets will have to be more than your liabilities. 

Sandeep Nath used some significant references and short stories to make readers understand the importance of network marketing. The narrative is manageable, but in some places, I felt aloof from the content. When I read the preamble, I knew that I will be going to like this book definitely. The author frankly talks about his ego, different opinions of his wife, and wherewith things will change for him after a few years. 

His mentor played an important role, and he is doing the same for others. If one has to grow their network, they need to start meeting new people, understand their dynamics, and respect each other's differences. The chief teaching of this book is that we need to halt complaining of our hapless situations and initiate aiming towards something more influential. This book is fast-paced and best suitable for non-fiction lovers. If you are into reading business novels, and ready to learn about the network marketing dynamics, this book is for you. 

My favorite lines from the book - 

Attitude is gratitude. It is so fundamental to success and yet so underrated.
Most people die without knowing they could have lived differently. That they could have impacted the world.
It does not require a management degree to become a leader.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start coming in awareness.
You want to busy to be busy, or you want to busy to be free?

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