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Grammar Checker is software embedded into a word processor to find grammatical errors in the writing. Grammar Checker usually checks for improper word usage and sentence structure, incorrect punctuation, and other obscure mistakes. Let’s take an instance. Grammarly is a Grammar checker that usually checks for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other mistakes in your writing. You can use Grammarly via Chrome Extension if you want to check your mistakes in online work. In contrast, it can also be used offline via Microsoft Word, i.e., integrating Grammarly into the Word.

Grammar Checker is useful in a wide range of ways. The tool allows you to master your work with just a few clicks. However, if you are using the Grammar Check, you should also know its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Grammar Check -
Grammar Checkers are very helpful for non-writers and non-technical personals. Such tools allow personals to improve their knowledge of the English language by showing them their mistakes and errors.

Grammar Checker Tools will proofread your text to make sure that it is precise and free of mistakes. It will provide you with zero mistakes in your work. While your final result will be 100% Error-Free.

Grammar Checking Tools saves plenty of time for readers as manual proof-reading is very time-consuming. Therefore, this tool is beneficial for the peoples who are busy all the times. It helps such peoples indirectly in saving their time.

Besides, such tools have made the correction of English language errors easier than ever before. Today, you don’t have to undergo a wide range of books and vast libraries to proof-read your work.

Other than that, you don’t require to hire a technical person to proof-read your work. This saves an important portion of your time, money as well as resources.

Improve the Functionality of Existing Word Processor
Grammar Checkers are usually added to the Word Processor that further enhances the functionality of the existing program. Grammar Checking Tools usually allowing the individuals to compose their work without any English language error. Grammar Checking Tools allows you to comply with the syntactic errors so that your final work will be 100% error-free.

Conceptual Learning
Grammar Checking Tools allows you to build your strong foundation in the English language. It will break down your content into small parts, identifying grammatical and spelling errors in your produced work, revising as well as proof-reading it. Therefore, these tools allow you to enhance your knowledge of the English language.

Grammar Checking Tools features instant proofreading. Such types of software will eliminate all the contextual, spelling, and grammatical errors from your work. Unlike the traditional word grammar checker, such as Grammar Checker of Microsoft Word, such tools have fewer limitations and more editing options.

Apart, such tools also offer contextually based corrections, which are not the game of every software. Besides, such tools feature the multi-compatibility option, i.e., it can integrate itself with other applications and does not rely on an exact word processor to perform its operations.

Disadvantages of Grammar Check -
Grammar Checker is the only software with no humans working behind it. It means that your work will only pass through software rather than humans. It may miss most of the things, especially when dealing with idioms. One of the main con of the Grammar Checker is it only checks sentence structure. It will not help you produce better ideas and not group your ideas into a logical sentence for better outcomes.

Grammar Checker is context-based. It will only correct your results according to context and is unable to give you the 100% accuracy in your results, i.e., it will not restructure your sentences word by word.

Context-Based Grammar Checker will not check the meanings of sentences in context. It removes some negative sentences or words like not or no that alters the meaning of the sentences to an extensive way with which you are unable to express your clear meaning.

Similar Words
Grammar Checker will only correct common words. However, they are completely failed to perform when it comes to detecting words of incorrect usage. Let’s take an example.
1. An airplane can fly
2. A car can fly

In the above-mentioned two sentences, the first one is correct, while the latter one is incorrect. However, Grammar Checker will not detect any error in the second sentence. As many times people use such types of sentences unconsciously without knowing that it is incorrect. The Grammar Checker should be formed in a way that it can detect such types of errors. However, it is failed to do so.

Proper Nouns
Most Grammar Checkers cannot detect proper nouns, i.e., It will not automatically capitalize on the first letter of the individual places, persons, or organizations. There is a need that Grammar Checker should address such problems and capitalize on such words accordingly.

Complex Sentences
Grammar Checking Software always make use of limited rules in detecting the grammatical, spellings, and other mistakes in your writing. And if the writer has used complex sentences in his/her writings, the software will be unable to detect the mistakes in complex sentences and report the findings to the person operating the grammar checking software as correct sentences.

Such work, when passed through the eyes of the readers will make mistakes in most of the complex sentences, and it will create an annoying situation for them.

Over Dependence
Most of the people nowadays rely fully on the Grammar Checking Tools to correct the grammatical errors in their work. However, they should have to keep in mind that such grammar checking tools will not teach them the basics of the English language.

People relying fully on Grammar Checking will always be unable to learn the English language, while such tools will further deteriorate their English knowledge. Therefore, one should rely upon these tools to an extent.

We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Grammar Checker to make you known that every product has its advantages and disadvantages. In this way, it is better to become known about a particular thing before using it.

Written by Jackson Keil


  1. oh yes, this is true!! totally agree with each point

  2. There are many reasons why people use grammar check English. While some of the tools are great and some are not, the number of people relying on it is increasing. Lots of teachers, employers, and students are relying on it that is why it is important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the tool. Without knowing advantages and disadvantages of grammer checker tool it is very difficult for students to use this tool properly. Thanks for this informative blog. Keep sharing articles on such topics.

    1. I am glad that this article proves to be useful. Keep reading :)