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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Published by - Zorba Books
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English
ISBN - 978-81-944234-0-9
Pages - 203

My Review - 

Women played the role of daughter, sister, mother, wife, daughter-in-law, and even Goddess. But our society treats them as weak and sensitive. One who can't make her own decisions or capable enough to manage her finances even after marriage; is a standard thought process of most men. People dominate women from a younger age; we saw how parents treat a boy and a girl differently. The liberty of playing outside and talking to boys had gone when adolescents begin. Girls were forced to do household chores when their brother can do whatever pleases him. 

A Slice of Calicut Halwa is such a story of a girl named Reema. Due to her dark complexion, she soon realizes that there is only one way to make her family proud; by studying hard. She excels in her studies but soon becomes the prey of a goon named Desmond Lopez. He is a law student and constantly harasses Reema in public. The repeated abuse breaks her spirit, but with her friend Jyoti and her mother, Devi, she gets some help and can move on.

She got admission to medical college and soon get married to Praveen. Like every girl, she has dreams, but they all smashed when she got to know Praveen's authenticity. She bears the physical abuse and name-calling. Her only way to get rid of those situations is to gain financial independence. 

She became a known surgeon, but her life gets more miserable. The past comes back to haunt her, this time with more intensity. When no one comes to her rescue, she decides to take the matter into her hands for the first time. Will she be able to get rid of Desmond? Will she ever be able to find love in her life? 

Dr. K. N. Raghavan has written an artistic story portraying homosexuality and physical abuse endured by women. We live in the 21st century. Still, the women didn't get the respect and the importance they deserve. When Reema's mother and elder brother Rajesh learned about Desmond's repugnant deeds, they blame Reema by saying that she invokes him. 

Reema's husband never bothers to pay attention to her wishes. He always pretends to be an ideal spouse in front of others. No woman should give a man another chance; if he abuses her. No matter what society says because those people will never understand the trauma a victim goes through. From a younger age, the mother told her daughters to obey her husband's and in-laws' wishes, that she has to please them, and make sacrifices. She has to bear all the responsibility of marriage. 

If a husband beats you, it is your fault. If a man has an affair, it is because you are unable to satisfy him. This is the reality of Indian society. People always find faults in women. No one dares to speak about the brutal ways of men, not even their mothers. Praveen's mother had some doubts about his son's sexuality, but she never talked to him; instead, she finds a girl to marry him. Another dark side of people's personalities. 

This story is phenomenal. Being a woman, I can relate to Reema's character; her struggle, pain, and losses will undoubtedly touch the reader's heart. I appreciate the author's efforts to write a women-centric story representing the agony and sacrifices she made. I relish reading this book, but I recommend it to grown-up readers only due to the explicit content. 

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