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My Rating - 2 out of 5 stars
Published by - Self-Published
Genre - Science Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English
Pages - 143

My Review - 
Life is just a silly and feeble attempt by the universe to rebel against its own nature rather than accepting itself for what it is.

Dreamshpere is a place or state of mind created by Dr. Clive W. Rossak with nano drives and the bIOS (Biological Operating System). Memories can be classified, made, defragged, and dismissed; after every 120 years. People almost reached immortality, and there is no sign of God whatsoever. George and Amy never saw each other and fall in love online. When they first meet, George died, soon, Amy was diagnosed with Cancer. They both prefer to study by Dr. Clive and met again after a long time via Virtual Reality. I like their American dream vs. Parisian dream theory. Meanwhile, Clive and his clones start considering themselves as God.

Samson Tonauac wanted to create a story where the character's written to be dislikeable. He achieves that goal. This cyberpunk story had the potential to stand out, but out of whack narration, slay it. The graphics were good, but unnecessary advertisements break the reading flow. The story is all about how human life is miserable even after World War third, and all technological advancements. People stop dreaming; they live in reality, far from the truth. They don't have many choices because they are addicted to drugs, and immortality took a toll on them. 

It is Samson's debut book, and he is working on the second part. I really hope that he inscribes it in chronological order and produces some notable personalities. I like witticism encompassing the world's politics and brand-names. The concept seems fresh, but it proves to be an okay read for me. The end also felt abrupt and fragmentary. If you like tumultuous and non-viable cyberpunk novels, pick this one. 

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1 comment:

  1. Pretty interesting graphic novel. The pioneer in cyberpunk genre is william gibson's neuromancer.