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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Fifty Days to Fitness by Ravindran
My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Published by - Notion Press
Genre - Healthy Living and Wellness
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1-64783-650-4
Pages - 128

My Review - 

Be a fitness freak and be fit for life.

Being healthy is a choice, a necessity if you ask me. We all endure some kind of physical pain, takes some antibiotics, make amends to live a healthy life from now on, but failed terribly, not all, but most of us. We know that living a healthy life, exercise and a nutritious diet is essential. Fifty Days to Fitness is such a book that works as a guide written by Ravindran

The book is fast-paced. It tells us the significance of exercises, and why we should not ignore it. Our dietary habits are worst, we eat fast, consume more than required, it affects our internal organs. The author gives a 50 days action plan to affirm his teachings of different yoga postures. 

To make the content mild and engaging, the author uses examples of diverse personalities; some were imaginary. He also talks about Indian scriptures and how the modern world needs to incline towards spirituality because it all starts in our head. We will find a lot of books on health and fitness in the market, but this book also tells you what not to do, and the author is an instance of teachings he shares in the book. He is 77 years old with no disease, not even a BP. 

I liked the part dedicates to students and IT professionals. Quoting the author, your total wellness depends upon both the body and mind. Both are interdependent. The health of the mind depends upon how cheerful you are. So, this book is not about physical health, but mental too. This is kind of a book everyone should read. I recommend it.

PS - The proceeds from the sale of the book will go into the charity. 

Grab your copy from - Amazon IN Amazon US

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