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My Rating - 5 out of 5 stars
Published by - Notion Press
Genre - Dystopian Fiction
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1-64546-755-7
Pages - 232

My Review - 

While humans depended upon knowledge to gain control of the Universe, the knowledge of their inability to control it eluded them.

Fosters of Fall is the debut work of Anshul Kapoor. The story is based on science fiction, but half part documents to be cogitative and contemplative towards the human's greediness and blindness, which leads to an ultimate end of life on the Earth.

The Earth is ravaged by humans altogether. The remaining 700,000 people are living in a man-made satellite named, Sanctum. It was designed to support human life for 500 years. The high-class member of Sanctum is looking for a surrogate asteroid; to ensure the future and survival of Sanctians. 

They send travelers to different planets to study their environment. So far, they didn't find anything until a day when Pecker finds a planetoid worth living for human beings. As they call it TRH 98, it brings hope for Lenox, President of Sanctum, and his team members. But it is not an easy task to live on another planet. From this point, the story took a philosophical turn.

Human beings are known for their survival instincts. Instead of being hunted, we hunt and kill. This thinking leads us to other developments collectively. We define our actions by the affluence we are getting; instead of restoring the natural resources, we are utilizing them rapidly. We know that we will extinct; if we don't improve our ways, just like other species. 

Our risks of extinction depend on natural calamities and man-made catastrophes. But most of us are not ready to change. We destroy everything we touch sooner or later. Lenox justifies everything by saying that we are superior beings who deserve to live, even after our own planet is not ready to take them back. Will they survive or lost forever in the darkness of the Universe?

Being a debutant, Anshul Kapoor has done an admirable job writing this dystopian story with a cinch of indulgence towards the current scenario. Science fiction shows us a glimpse of the future, and we can learn a lot from it. Besides that, the narration is lucid and gripping. The language is easily understandable, and I absolutely loved the gorgeous cover page. The end left me with concerns about our future survival and the gravity of balancing. I would certainly recommend this book. 

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