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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Fingerprint Publishing
Genre - Classic/Young Adult Fiction
Publishing year - 1882
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-81-7234-476-4
Pages - 235

My Review - 

One of the oldest books based on pirates and treasure hunts adapted into many movies and series. Treasure Island has introduced Davy Jones, Jolly Roger, a one-leg pirate with a parrot, dead's men chest that was further improvised and used in the Pirates of Caribbean Sea movie series.  

Robert Louis Stevenson narrated this book from a teenager's perspective, Jim Hawkins. One day he found a map to a mysterious island that holds immense treasure. With the help of his town's men, he starts a voyage but got betrayed in the way. A few deadly pirates want this treasure and then start the chase and bloodshed. Jim finds Ben Gunn on the island; he was abandoned to rot. Soon, they got acquainted and helped each other, but Ben has some secrets that no one recognizes. The twist in the last few chapters clears his position and makes the story perfect. 

Not many people write about pirates and treasure hunts, so this book is a must-read. Although, in some places, I felt bored. The simple language and willingness to finish this book gets me going. It is a fast-paced book, loaded with egocentric deadly pirates who will kill anyone that comes in their way. Overall, this book is best suited for young readers, but if you're into classics, give it a try. 

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