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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Self-Published
Genre - Fantasy
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
ASIN - B085B8G65M
Pages - 341

My Review - 

Glory Roslyn and The Heart of Universe is the first part of the six-book series written by Indian author Tushar. In his debut book, he created seven worlds that are connected with hidden portals known as cameras. An eleven-year-old girl named Glory and Lintie discovers a magical creature named Roslyn that drives them into the hidden world. 

They are far away from the Earth and finds themselves in the lands of Kaiser. The chief Paterfamilias helped them to get acquainted with their new surroundings. He considered them as three saviors who will help them to get their people redemption. While Lintie and Glory's main objective is to find Roslyn's parents, destiny has some other plans for them. Glory has something on her hand known as Loops of Fortune that makes her special. She brings hope wherever she goes. 

In another world, named Alphorns, King Vayne's sister Mystic Misti, the Goddess of hope, was blasphemed by some evil beings. All the efforts to bring her back were backfired. According to a prophecy, she shares a connection with the saviors. The author further portrays the kinships protectors made in their journey and their fights to bring hope. They made some tough choices that create a firm base for upcoming books and give endless ideas about what to anticipate. 

Characters - There are so many personas in this book. Each one is strange; some are likable, and some are not. 

Glory - She was abandoned when she was little and raised by her adoptive parents. Her step-brother beats her, and her step-father doesn't care about her as well. She makes sculptures and has only one friend Lintie. She lives for others and seems kind. I never thought she would take any risks in starting, but she amazed me in the end. 

Lintie - Her name is Shaili, and only Glory and Roslyn can call her Lintie. She seems reckless, rude, self-absorbed, and very unlikable. I have no idea why Glory tolerate her tantrums, maybe because she was lonely. Lintie's character irritates me, and while reading, I have just one thought, don't open your mouth, Lintie. Her role has all the traits of being a dark person. So, in the next book, if she becomes a villain, I would love that.

Roslyn - A creature who resembles Lord Ganesha; elephant head, long floppy ears. He proves to be one of the most significant characters in the story, but I don't like him. I just can't connect with him, with all his Chii Chii sound, and he behaves imbecility in Lintie's company. 

Other characters like King Vayne seem ignorant to the possibilities of Ancient Primitive that is the root cause of all his dilemmas. Poi's role is also shown as stubborn but royal towards the King. He has high aspirations and dreams and seemed jealous when he finds about his competition, Vee. Still, Poi's character seems plausible; he is intelligent and probably depicts a notable second book.

Narration - The book is fast-paced and pinned the readers from the start. It has Ill dwellers, witches, wizards, warlocks, ghosts, and many other deadly monsters that helped the story progress smoothly, but none of them leaves a mark. Not a single villain is noteworthy. Maybe they all are just puppets. Tushar has done good work, but I expect much more mysteries and sensible-deep conversations about the real knave in the next volume.

Overall, this book is proved to be a one-time fun read. If you're new to fantasy, this book will prove to be a good start. I recommend it to young adult readers. 

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