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Friday, May 8, 2020

Life of a Young Girl by Anushka Mehta
My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Tiwa Publication
Genre - Short Story
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
ASIN - B087C383ZQ
Pages - 20

My Review - 

Anushka Mehta's debut work Life of a Young Girl is divided into seven sections that portrayed the author's experiences of being a girl. When she heard about a Japanese theory about unresolved conflicts, she dives into the memory lane that reveals the men in her life.  

Being a girl child in India is hard, very hard. You can't live a life you desire because parents and society control your every move. They set rules and expect you to follow them without asking any questions. Here goes the freedom to live. The second obstacle every girl faced once in their life is sexual harassment. Whether it was done by some unknown person in a public place or by someone close. Here goes the dignity. 

If women wear short dresses, drink, smoke, she's labeled as easy to get or shameless. The author shares anecdotes that are thought-provoking. It felt like it is the life of every girl. Fallen in love at a young age to feel the void created by family members is understandable. Knowing that cheating is not acceptable, but still, being with that person shows that man should be forgiven for everything. I think why she does that because of an incident; when she was forced to forgive her sister's husband. While the apology was just a formality and shows how insanely disparity rooted in the community.

A family should support a child without any gender discrimination. It is the parents' responsibility to create a safe environment at home so that girls know her worth and understand how she deserves to be treated by their boyfriend or partner. The book is fast-paced and short, but Anushka Mehta gave a little glimpse of her journey, and I am sure every girl will relate to it. I appreciate her efforts in writing something bold.

The book is only 20 pages long, so there is not enough time for readers to keep in the zone. I really wish that the author writes a full-fledged novel, so it leaves a long-lasting impression. There are one or two grammatical errors, and I felt like the few pieces need more description and clarity, but overall, it is a good one-time read. I recommend it to adult readers only. 

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