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My Rating - 2 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Rajmangal Publication
Genre - Fiction/Short Story
Publishing year - 2019
Language - Hindi
ISBN - 978-9388202633
Pages - 80

My Review - 

Palayan is written in the Hindi language by Ravi Ranjan Goswami. The plot is based in the small city of Orai, Uttar Pradesh. It is a story of two middle-class families. Suresh is the son of a school professor Harilal, he has three siblings. The elder sister, Rekha's marriage, is the prime concern of their family. 

In the second scenario, Manohar and his wife Kamla trade street food. They had three daughters and one son. The elder daughter Chanda is a beautiful and intelligent girl, married to Suresh, just after her board exams. She wanted to continue her studies, which created trouble at home. 

Suresh's mother, Umadevi, is a headstrong and rude lady. She makes his life hell after he loses his job. Due to daily taunts, he lost the urge to work, and Chanda had to step up to aid household necessities. 

The author tries to depict mental awareness, dowry, and infertility issues, but it lacks depth. The characters are not developed properly. The subjects felt real, but the narration is necessary and had several loose points, like Rashmi's story, Chanda's parents' response to her struggle, Rekha's wedding, and many more. 

In one place, Manohar's name changed to Manmohan; the story has other errors too, which breaks the flow of reading. After a long time, I read a Hindi book, and I had some expectations from this story, which were not met. 

I am going here with the approach of glass is half full. I like how Umadevi supports Chanda's job and has a daughter, even though they have their differences. Chanda's behavior towards Suresh seems realistic, and Suresh's condition left me thinking about the serious subject of mental stability and a healthy atmosphere. The story had potential, but writing requires careful outlining. I appreciate the author's efforts and hope to read a much better story in the future.

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