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What is life???? This question haunts so many people, no matter what their gender or age is? Some people find the answer, and some die without even knowing it. People like us left hanging in between. What kind of life we've been leading, dealing with society's craps and other expectations?

Today her life revolves around this question, she wants to know, what's her purpose? Why is she alive? What is she striving for me? Is she trying to become a top book blogger, a reliable partner, travel worldwide, never wanting to settle down, or do nothing at all?

What if she regrets tomorrow for not exploring her other interest soon enough or a particular decision? Her thoughts are faster than her typing speed, for sure, but is she on the right path? What is the meaning of all these hustle-bustle?

When anybody asks her what she wants? Her answer was always straight, she wants to lead a happy life. But when she thinks about everything, she felt something is amiss. It might be she lacks a greater picture right now, but once in a while, the thoughts of self-doubts crept over her, and she has no control over it. 

People told her to go with the flow, but she can't do that. She wired in a whole different way, always making her own choices, living life by her rules. Maybe one day she understands what life is, or maybe not?

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