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Friday, July 10, 2020

Uncut Diamond by Mary Priyadarshini and Joshua Francis
My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Self-Published
Genre - Self-Help/Non-Fiction
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
Pages - 50

My Review - 

In the book, Uncut Diamond, Coach Mary Priyadarshini, and Joshua Francis helped you to gain a reliable quality of coaching. Now, most of you think what it is and how it helps you? So, most of the time, coaching is associated with sports training, but for the past few decades, things are changing rapidly, and it becomes an essential part of the industry. We all set goals, but only a few will stick to it or reach it. A life coach helps a person throughout the process and understand the physical and emotional hindrances of their clients, and then guide them. Here I am taking you to a step by step chapters to get the gist. 

Coach like Christ - In this chapter, the authors analyze the similarities of coaching abilities with Jesus Christ, and how he asked the appropriate questions at the right time. It is important because it gives coachee a chance to contemplate over his/her situation. 

When to Coach - This is the most important question, every coach needs to ask themselves before they start working with their clients. Every person has a different attitude, and sometimes they are not willing to receive feedback or suggestions, so the assessment of an individual is crucial. 

Build Trusting Relationship - Establish trust is the next step, and it goes both ways. Being a coachee, you'll share a lot of stories with your coach. So, choose them wisely and create a positive atmosphere, so they can help you quickly and effectively. Being a coach it is your responsibility to keep things confidential. 

Get Started with Coaching - A coach needs to figure out what sort of people he/she aspires to coach based on different standards, so they can submit solid guidance. 

Measure Progress - Any success is projected by how much a person grows in the time they spend with the coach. Both parties need to know if the sessions were giving any fruitful results or not. 

Real-Time Coaching - The actual analysis begins when a coach figures out the real reason for the obstacles. The questions they ask and the suggestions they provide to their client's needs to be open-ended. The authors give a series of questions in this section for a particular issue and the means to deal with it afterward.

Who is it for?
1. For life coaches who are new in this field. 
2. Someone who is looking for a good coach, but don't know what to expect.
3. If this subject interests you in any way. 

The things I like about this book, that it is concise, fast-paced, and presents pivotal lore in an uncomplicated language. Last year, I read Rewire: How to be a Leader of Your Own Life, it was also based on the coach and coachee's relationship with so many real-life references, which is the only thing this book lacks. Overall, it proves to be a decent read that I recommend. 

Grab your copy from - Amazon IN Amazon US 

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