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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Bluerose
Genre - Poetry
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
Pages - 63

My Review - 

The Secret in My Blood is a debut poetry book written by Akanksha Agarwal. We all fall in love once, in our life, some people are lucky enough to spend their life with their fancied ones while some are not. To keep this thought in mind, the author chooses love as the verse's central theme. 

The book consists of 44 poems divided into three respective parts -

1. Ovulating in Emotions - When someone falls in love, everything seems extraordinary and magical. You'll begin analyzing your lover with everything you adore, from celestial objects to edible items. You wanted to go to the places to spend quality time and enjoy each other's company. In this part, the author further portrays the feelings when you know that you can't live without that particular person or how their love intoxicates your heart and mind. 

2. Bleeding in Love - As the name suggests, this part is dedicated to the stage where one's heart-breaks. The loneliness, darkness, negative thoughts looming over, and everything reminds you of your partner. The sleepless night, tears, yearning for physical touch, endless memories become a part of life. You try to forget everything but still unable to do it because, in your heart, you knew that maybe one day, he/she will come back, and that fantasy lives on. 

One poem I like the most from this section is about a girl suffering from polio, her dreams of finding a lover and bearing a child never got accomplished, and cold impressions imprinted on her mind and heart, but her soul never wished for rebirth. It inspired me in many ways and gives something to think about. 

3. Fertile to Fly - Love and lust are both the side of the same coin. Physical intimacy is as much crucial as an emotional bonding. In this part, Akanksha Agarwal depicts the craving of bodies where passion and love for each other are boundless and sturdy as the ocean. This segment is also a gentle reminder that love is about growing old together, and there is no moment you regret if you are with the one you belong to. 

The author did a pretty okay job being a newcomer. Each poem is beautifully illustrated and conveys the message, so hats off to the illustrator as well. In some places, there is a formatting error. The language is lucid, and the content is heart-touching. Overall, it is an engaging and recommendable read. 

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