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Buying a book is similar to shopping for a bibliomaniac; the process is as pleasant as reading the book itself. As booklovers, nothing is as satisfying as walking into the bookstore; we may come across many books that catch our eye, but we end up choosing to buy only a few due to certain factors.

We have several ways to read a book like an e-book, borrow a book, or take it from a library and return it after the read, but owning a book is a different level of joy. Few books stay in your mind forever, and having them in your collection is an academic goal. Sometimes, you may end up spending all the money saved for a rainy day on books, and yet you have not crossed out many books from your list. Well, it’s not just you; we all have been there. That’s the point when I turned to used books.

You were wondering if used books may bring as much joy as new books? You got to read this article. Keep reading to find out a few compelling reasons to buy a second-hand book over a new one.

1. Pleasure of Reading Books that are not Printed anymore -

A few extraordinary books are not published anymore; to have them in your collection is a real pride. The only way to enjoy reading them is to explore the second-hand book stores. Finding the rare print of that book you were searching for amidst the dusty pile of the second-hand store gives you that feeling of finding a unique exotic sculpture from ancient times. It is bliss!

2. Cheap and Affordable -

Used books may cost you only half the rate of new books. By buying them, you may cut costs and buy more books with that money you have saved. Unlike the cozy, shiny book shops, you have the option to bargain in the second-hand shops. You can showcase all your negotiating talent and buy as many books as you want.

3. The Joy of Exploring -

As blissful as the walk in the bookstore's aisle seems to be, it is as adventurous to find the books in the pile of second-hand books. The second-hand book shop is a box of surprises; you never know which book you may bump into next. Sometimes, you end up finding the title that you had almost given up on, which makes it more unique and the process more joyful. This immense pleasure of exploring may not be given in the neatly stacked book stores. Walking into a second-hand bookstall, you may return without finding the book that you planned to buy, but you will never return without being surprised at finding quirky prints.

4. The Warm and the Charm of the Old Book -

Books are more like wine; they get better with age, as many hands, it has traveled, you get as many stories to experience in each turn of the page. E-books never provide the feel of holding a paperback, and new books don’t provide the happiness of smelling an old book. With each page, you are sure to get a glimpse of the old owner. Sometimes, they might have underlined or highlighted their favorite line, which may also be your favorite, this bond you have with this person; you don’t know who is invaluable, which you only get with the old books.

5. Helping the Environment -

With the climate change crisis is the head concern worldwide; it is essential to help the planet in every way possible and reuse all the potential products. Having that said, by buying an old book, you are reducing the number of new prints, eventually reducing paper usage and helping the environment. Our goal is to reduce carbon emissions in all possible ways, and every one of us should endeavor to reach that goal. Your part can be played by reusing the books and reduce the printing of new books.

6. Books are Books -

New or old, books are books. You don’t treat them differently. The efforts of buying a used book may differ from that of buying a new book, but it is no less to each other. While you spend money buying a new book, you put all your effort and time into finding a book you want in a second-hand store. You need not handle an old book as carefully as you treat a new one, but if you love them both equally, you will want to keep it properly.

Conclusion - Now you know all the reasons to buy used books, please visit your nearest second-hand store for your next book shopping. If you do so, you will not be dissatisfied. It is also crucial for you to keep in mind to donate books or sell them back in a readable form to help another reader somewhere around the corner. Read, reuse, and repeat.


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