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My Rating - 5 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Lioncrest Publishing
Genre - Non-Fiction
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1544509334
Pages - 232

My Review - 

Do you ever feel that your story is something people should know about, but then you start self-doubting that no one will read or listen to it? You drop the idea instantly, but I'm sure the craving to come forward stays with you in the corner of your heart. There was a time when Simone Knego thought the same as you. One day she realizes that all she needs to be her actual self to share her story and inspire others by the decisions she takes every day.

The author is a mother of six kids and married to a neurosurgeon, Rob. The three kids she and Rob adopted from different parts of the world. The adoption process changes the author's life and gives a new perspective on poverty, racism, and religion to her and her family. 

The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You is the author's debut book that focuses on seeing the world differently and growing with time and experiences. She also highlights learning from her six children and the simple solutions to problems that look way too big at that time but proves to be mild ones. 

The parenting style of Rob and Simone is worth mentioning. They consider their kids as a person who has a say in the critical decisions. Being a mother, Simone learned new things every day and tried to be endurance, but she discovered that acceptance is the keyAccording to her, every person has different views, and many times we disagree with them, but instead of tolerating them, we can accept them as they are and move on with our life. This kind of maturity only comes with the experiences one holds. 

The author shares many anecdotes that help her reach a new level of understanding. She encourages the readers to be compassionate, creates their own reality, embraces diversity, learns to laugh at their mistakes, and doesn't compare themselves to others because they have their own path to follow. These are some of the fundamental lessons I learned from this book. 

The language is lucid, and the narration is fast-paced. The author didn't beat the bush to make the book long; she wrote it to the point. Many incidents help me realized that it's okay to fail and take a chill pill once in a while. My only annoyance is that I don't have the paperback of this fantastic book on my bookshelf. This self-help novel is worth reading, and I recommend it to everyone. 

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