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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Self-Published
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2021
Language - English
Pages - 100

The Ladies Compartment: Extraordinary Tales of Ordinary Women by Parminder Kaur Sharma

Book Review - 

The Ladies Compartment is the second book penned by Parminder Kaur Sharma. This book consists of five short tales based on five different strong women narrated by a train compartment that travels through the lives of anyone it wants. 

Vaidehi, Tarini, Bhavya, Ramma, and Bhaumi are five ordinary women with extraordinary traits. They all have distinct difficulties and feel lost, but their inner spirit lets them come as an influential, self-sufficient person, who not only fight their demons but win them too. Each figure motivates the reader with its uniqueness.

The stories are motivated by real experiences portraying the touch of passion, responsibility, sacrifices, and deceit. These women are not connected, but they all share the same thing - their determination to live their lives as they want to. The characters stand against their families and society.

Being a woman, I relate to the characters and their struggles very well, even if I don't encounter them. In addition, I know people who go through something similar, making these stories more special to me. Parminder Kaur Sharma narrates some of the most utmost concerns women face in their lives by these stories.

I enjoy her writing, but at some places, I found grammatical and typo errors. However, it's an e-book, so that the author can rectify them quickly. Overall, the book is fast-paced and intriguing enough for you to pick it. I recommend it to newbies and short stories lovers. 

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