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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Pencil
Genre - Action/Adventure
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-90463-3132
Pages - 401

Book Review - 

Trigger Point is the third book in A Luc Fortesque Adventure series written by Douglas Misquita. This is the story of Luc, who was chief of security, then guinea pig, and finally becomes the mercenary with the backdrop of saving the world time and again. 

After his adventure in The Immortality Trigger, Luc sets on a new mission to stop the disaster of changing humans into flesh-eaters. Besides, he has his mission, to get revenge on an old rival which made him travel into the country where he is most wanted. 

The story is full of action scenes; literally, you'll find a new sequence after every two or three pages, including stealing, murders, escape from death, abduction, torture, and what not? The other character that played a crucial role is Raymond Garrett, who is looking for a narcotrafficker, and his search made him and Luc acquaintance. 

The deadly weapon is on its way to The Shard in the United Kingdom, and Luc is running out of time. While Karena, a Hollywood actress, came into the picture. I really enjoy the sequence where she bravely battles to save the world without knowing the whole picture. 

Another strong female character in the story is Aruna. While they both didn't get much space in the book, but they left the mark. They both were better, courageous, and strong-headed than many male characters. I wish they had played more part because I admire them. 

The story has different narratives that combine in the end to give the reader an understanding of the more comprehensive picture, but it also confused me at many points. Also, because I haven't read the first two parts of the series. So, I felt overwhelmed and tried my best to understand the characters by reading the previous book's synopsis. 

In addition, the author introduced many characters in the story, which I personally don't like very much, and it would be helpful if he provided the cast names and a little about themselves in the beginning. These are the points I think Douglas Misquita can work on in his upcoming novels.

As I said earlier, the story is fast-paced, filled with several weapon details and many action sequences. For some readers, it is going to be an epic thriller read. Still, it can be a little dispiriting for someone like me who also needs a proper dialogue between the characters and wants a deeper understanding of the whole situation rather than reading about fights all the time. 

Overall, the research done by the author is commendable. However, regarding Muslims' and Christians' views and issues, he didn't impose his beliefs. He simply stated it and left it to the readers to grasp in their own way. If you're looking for a page-turner action-adventure thriller, then this series is perfect for you.

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