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It’s October, also known for Halloween, the season of all things dark and sinister. So if you’re a little late to the party or just want to widen your branches to this jump-starting genre or even if you’ve declared that you’ve read the scariest books and seen the goriest movies of all time, and nothing shall stand up to those standards, think again… 

Below listed books are all the new best scary book releases of 2021 that you must grab on as soon as possible, included with all the tropes that people love reading during this frightening season and has all age-diverse spooky books for everyone that will not only scare the kids and the teens but can also give nightmares to the adults.

1. In Darkness, Shadows Breathe by Catherine Cavendish
Carol is haunted by dark shadows, and she soon winds up in a hospital where she finds Vanessa already hospitalized with her own weird experiences. If you like eerie atmospheric books, here’s a recommendation for your Halloween book list. You can find the book here.

2. Remote Control by Nnedi Okorafor
This is an afro-futuristic paranormal horror novel about a girl called Sankofa who gets adopted by death itself. If you like mythological folktale and fantasy elements with gods, demons, and other supernatural elements, you can also interest yourself in reading this book this spooky season. You can find the book here.

3. A Dowry of Blood by S.T. Gibson
Halloween without vampires honestly sucks. So, let’s talk about the most famous vampire ever known. This is the story of Dracula’s brides. Constanta wakes up from her death and is chosen a bride but soon is conflicted between her freedom and her loyalty to her husband. What scares her the most is that freedom in this situation would mean death. You can find the book here.

4. The Unwelcome
by Jacob Steven Mohr
Kait has a strange relationship with her boyfriend, Lutz, but when Kait finds out that her friend is going out to a secluded cabin near the woods, she thinks about joining in and finding out all that is wrong with her life. Enraged with this decision, Lutz follows behind her and only in time will reveal his true sinister face as he rips his girlfriend’s life to pieces. It has a lot of sci-fi elements as well, so if you’re going for that vibe, you can have a look at this creepy book. You can find the book here.

5. What Big Teeth
by Rose Szabo
It is a gothic fantasy about Eleanor Zarrin. She has an estranged family that behaves like monsters, prowling in the woods and using birds’ guts to speak prophecies. For her to fit in, she must embrace the mess around her and inside her. A perfect read if you love Wilder Girls. You can find the book here.

6. The Children God Forgot by Graham Masterton
A series of monstrous babies with severe deformities are taking unexpected birth in London. DC Jerry Pardoe and DS Jamila Patel of the supernatural squad must solve this mystery, but to solve this case would mean to get involved in the dark abyss of witchcraft. You can find the book here.

7. Hearts Strange and Dreadful by Tim McGregor
In 1821, Hester Stokely, an orphan with unusual abilities, not only helps people when a strange illness rapidly plagues them all, but she also notices that there’s a particular evil lurking out there that didn’t exist before and may even be a cause for this illness. So she must do something before everyone in her town loses their lives and souls. Historical fiction with an element of fantasy and supernatural element for those who love horror to every stretch of their imagination. You can find the book here.

8. Fable by Daniel James
It’s a story about Neil Karp, a teenager whose whole life takes a turn when he and his friends, Sam and Matt, run into local drug dealers. At such a point of violence and terror, wouldn’t it be nice to have a protective friend who could save you at all costs from all the troubles? It’s always fun to imagine having a protective friend at a time like this. Neil had a protective friend like that, except he is imaginary.

It’s a humorous story filled with witty banters and full-rounded characters. There are also a few sci-fi fantasy aspects to this book. So if you’re looking for an extraordinary friendly spooky story that still gives you goosebumps, this is the book for you. You can find the book here.

9. Later by Stephen King
Would this even be called a Halloween book list of 2021 without a Stephen King book? Of course not. Jamie Conklin is a kid with superpowers. He can see dead people before they die, and they all look exactly as they do when they’re dead or murdered. He can also speak to the recently deceased. His mom tells him to keep it a secret for obvious reasons. But as Jamie grows older, he realizes that only some people can be trusted to know about his ability. You can find the book here.

10. The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner
If you like witches, poisons, and feminism, this book is worth your time. It is about a female who dispenses poison vials for other females who feel mistreated by men. There are two rules: never use the vial against another woman, and two, the murderers and the victims will get registered in a book. 

In 1791, Nella was looking for another customer when she came across a 12-year-old girl who jeopardized and threatened to expose Nella’s world. In the present, Caroline comes across a similar vial that she had heard had made a conspiracy age ago. This further investigation leads her to the life of Nella and the 12-year-old Eliza, and not everyone is going to survive now. You can find the book here.

11. Rogue Planet
by Cullen Bunn
This is a graphic novel about a planet that engulfs or swallows its intruders. Perfect for fans of sci-fi horror where the only thing that matters is survival. You can find the book here.

12. Redder Days by Sue Rainsford
The story follows Adam and Anna set in a time where the world around them is overspread with a virus that turns people into different shades of red based on which animal infected them. The commune’s former leader wants to keep an eye on the two of them precisely, so when someone they don’t know suddenly turns up, Adam though oblivious, Anna feels suspicious. If you like paranormal fantasy horror told by unreliable narrators, then you’re going to love this book. You can find the book here.

13. In Nightmares We're Alone
by Greg Sisco
This one is a set of short stories that spins a yarn over three terrifying tales. A hypnotic eye doll stalking a young girl, a womanizer con artist with plant growth sprouting out from his fingernails, and a psychic woman who can read a cryptic message left on her dead father’s typewriter. If you want to read something short but scary, this will be perfect for you. You can find the book here.

14. Our Last Echoes by Kate Alice Marshall
Sophia Novak remembers drowning and remembers that her mother saved her, but she is unsure whether her mother is dead or not. Her curiosity is piqued, taking her to the Bitter Rock, Alaska, to learn the truth about her mother and soon discovers that the place is strange and people keep disappearing there. For a thrilling, enthralling horror read with paranormal and fantasy elements included, this would be the best pick for this Halloween. You can find the book here.

15. The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward
This book is a terrifying ominous story, the kind where you can feel that something terrible has happened, but you can’t pinpoint it. It’s a story about Ted who lives in the last house on the needless street with his daughter and a cat. Then a murder happens, a child gets stolen. This story is a genre blend of part gothic, part mystery, and part horror. The best combination for a Halloween book. You can find the book here.

16. The Lost Village by Camilla Sten
Alice Lindstedt has been obsessed with the actual events of the lost village ever since she was a child. When she finally becomes a notable filmmaker, she is passionate enough to unwrap the story again and documents all that happened in 1959 in her grandmother’s lost village, where everyone disappeared. Not long after the setup, mysterious things begin to happen. Now there’s no turning back. It’s an unputdownable, blood-freezing book, best for Halloween. You can find the book here.

17. Goddess of Filth by V. Castro
A fierce feminist take on horror! This story is about a group of girls that booze and party for a while, but their laughter soon turns into the cackles of evil, and what follows is a rage-filled story of being in possession. So if you’re looking for something witchy and feminist but scary enough to give you goosebumps, you should definitely check out this book. You can find the book here.

18. Seed of Evil by Greig Beck
If you believe in demons and love mythology, this horror book will take the cake. This is about an ancient evil god that later became more than a myth and very much real. Another great book to spook you on your Halloween night. You can find the book here.

19. The Drowning Kind by Jennifer McMahon
The Drowning Kind tells you two stories of a woman named Ethel who wanted a kid. Another, many years later, of an estranged girl named Lexi who drowned the night after she googled her family history. If you like reading books with an eerie atmosphere and a blood-curdling, goosebump-worthy spooky plot, then you’ve landed your eyes on the right book. You can find the book here.

20. Whisper Down the Lane by Clay McLeod Chapman
Nothing scares more than an aberration of mind, losing touch of reality. This book takes inspiration from McMartin preschool trials and the Satanic Panic of the ‘80s, the critically acclaimed author of The Remaking. It’s a psychological horror told in parallel through the point of view-Sean’s and Richard’s. Because of a witch trial, the kids were encouraged to lie about their teachers, and so caught in the web of lies, Richard finally finds out that there is someone who knows that Sean lied. You can find the book here.

21. Smithy by Amanda Desiree
In 1974, a group of students joined a study of the psychology of primates that resolves to teach chimpanzees sign languages. The chimpanzee in the survey later becomes Smithy, who is the only one that can see that the house it’s kept in is nefarious with ghosts. But is it the truth or just the price the humans are trying to pay to see the chimpanzee’s capability in understanding what’s happening? This story follows an epistolary letter-diary writing format and is great for fans of the research-gone-wrong trope. You can find the book here.

22. The Dark Hour by K.J. Young
Mark Norman gets hired as a live-in health aid for two elderly siblings who live at Alden Manor. They’re crazy rich but give off eerie, creepy vibes-not that Mark cares; he really wants the money. When Lisa, another employer, shares her dark premonitions about the manor, Mark thinks she’s crazy, but that is only until he notices weird things happening. He can’t afford to lose his mind or life, but he can’t walk away from it either. If you’re looking for something that makes a chill run down your spine, then you can count on this book for its creepy Halloween atmosphere. You can find the book here.

23. The Clearing by Samantha Cook
The clearing is a post-apocalyptic dystopian fantasy story featuring psychics and zombies, aka the soulless. The seers believe that the people in their village are the only people alive and are dominated by the soulless. Therefore, they banish all those who willingly run away from the safety of the town and all those who are going to commit crimes. 

Our protagonist, Ruby, is a bit of a rebel herself and refuses to believe that her small village of only 300 people is the only living establishment in her neighborhood. This story takes a heart-pounding journey through survival, a bit of romance, and some big revelations that’ll blow your mind added with a touch of paranormal fantasy. If you like spooky pookie books to read to get into your Halloween books vibe, this would be a fantastic read. You can find the book here.

24. Malignant Summer by Tim Meyer
Strange things are happening in Hooperstown, New Jersey, in 1998. People are blaming the new biochemical plant but are it to be blamed? It invokes nightmarish visions and aberrant illnesses, and when Doug Simms goes out with his friends for a scavenger hunt, it was supposed to be fun, but it turns into a nightmare. It’s a coming-of-age horror fiction perfect for a Halloween night. You can find the book here.

25. Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca
If ‘disgustingly disturbing’ are the adjectives you go for when you read horror books, then I have a recommendation for you. It’s an LGBT representation story of two women who reach out to each other through emails and IM. This story is told in an epistolary format with much emphasis on loneliness. It’s a wild ride, and it’s unputdownable! You can find the book here.

26. The Queen of the Cicadas by V. Castro
The story revolves around the murder of Milagros and Belinda, who happens to be in the place where Milagros got murdered several years ago and tries to bring some closure to the Milagros family, but that is until Belinda and the hector, the owner, realize that the legend is weaved the same in their fate as well. If you’re like folklore and mythology engrossed in horror and murders, you might like this one. You can find the book here.

27. The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix
This story is about a girl named Lynnette Tarkington who has gone through a massacre and has survived. But, unfortunately, her broken life inevitably has been defined by this incident. Five other girls have suffered from similar situations. They have been meeting in a support group with a therapist, trying to piece their broken lives together into normalcy. 

Things take a dangerous turn when one of the girls goes missing, which means someone keeps tapping their support group and targets the girls. The only thing they can count on is each other. It’s a great read if you’re looking for a thriller but spooky enough to set the mood for your Halloween vibe. You can find the book here.

28. The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig
Once upon a time, when Nathan lived with his abusive father, something happened. Something similar happened with Maddie when she was a little kid. She saw something that she couldn’t forget and tried making haunted dolls inspired by it. The two unlikely pair later get married, but when they move back to their hometown, the same thing happens again, this time with their son, Oliver. Their choice of weapon against the evil - their love for each other. This is undoubtedly a fabulous spooky pookie book for anyone this Halloween. You can find the book here.

29. Only The Stains Remain by Ross Jeffery
It is a sinful story about two brothers who turn evil in vengeance after being abused by their uncles in their childhood. If you’re looking for gore, violence, and psychological horror, this will make a perfect Halloween read. You can find the book here.

30. Rovers by Richard Lange
While blood, for most of us, is just something to keep us alive as long as it’s inside our bodies, for some nocturnal beings called Rovers or vampires in general, it’s food. This is a story of brothers waiting for their next meal, but that is until they encounter a young woman who makes them retrospect in hindsight about their past, almost leading the two brothers to scrabble to protect the woman. 

It’s told from the brothers’ perspectives and that of a grieving father looking for his son’s murderer and rover bikers. So if you’re looking for something bleak, spooky, and Halloweeny but still with the weight and impact of a meaningful story about life and death, then you must check out this book this October! You can find the book here.

31. Queen of Teeth by Hailey Piper
This story follows Yaya, someone affected by a virus that a substantial pharmaceutical company always keeps an eye on. One day she feels odd and finds tentacles, sprout horns, and a mind of her own growing. The company starts parading her house. She can either be the company’s most tremendous success or the deadliest. This book also talks about being comfortable in your own body, body image, and queer representation. You can find the book here.

32. Tidepool by Nicole Willson
A Gothic horror story set in 1913 in a mysterious place called Tidepool is where Henry goes missing on his business trip. Troubled with the fact that her brother hasn’t returned home and it’s not like him to just disappear, Sorrow travels to Tidepool to look for him and finds out that the citizens of the place - some of which are humans and some not - have a lot to hide about their land. The more Sorrow knows about this place, the less likely its inhabitants will let her return home. So, if you’re looking for an atmospheric, scary book with vivid descriptions, massacre, and dark fantasy, you can call it a Halloween book, after all. You can find the book here.

33. The Glassy, Burning Floor of Hell by Brian Evenson
This spooky book contains collections of short stories based on the psychological and ecological horrors of the world and screams invariably about the monstrosity of humans towards other living things. So, if you’re looking for something short, spooky, and impactful, this book will be your best friend, this Halloween. You can find the book here.

34. The Dead and the Dark by Courtney Gould
If you’re looking for ghost-hunters stories with a mix of LGBT representation, perfect for fans of Riverdale, then this is the spooky pookie book for this year's Halloween. 
In Snakebite, Oregon, teenagers are disappearing only to later show up as dead. So naturally, there's a shadow of doubt on everyone, especially the two men investigating the haunting reality on the TV as ParaSpectors. 

Ashley Barton’s boyfriend was the first teen to go missing, but she can still feel his presence, and the only person she trusts with all this is Logan, the TV's ParaSpectors’ daughter. Together they find revelations about the darkness around them that none of them are ready for. You can find the book here.

35. When the Reckoning Comes
by LaTanya McQueen
If you’re looking for a genre blend of Own voices, part black and slave history, along with horror, then this might be your best Halloween read. Mira had fled from her town to escape her past, away from the ghost she once saw near the plantation, away from Jesse, who got wrongly arrested for murder. Now she’s back to celebrate her best friend's wedding, Celine, at a lush restaurant built over the haunted plantation.

The whole staff there is black, and the restaurant is haunted by the tortures of the slaves who now seek vengeance on the descendants of those who treated them wrong…mostly the wedding guests. As the date comes closer, Mira, Celine, and Jesse are forced to understand their history together. You can find the book here.

36. Werewolf of the Worlds by Paul O'Hagan
Merlin Best, the protagonist, is the lonely and depressed teenager around. He wishes to be someone powerful and transforms himself into a werewolf. But in the meantime, an unprecedented evil has appeared, giving people strange powers. Merlin thinks it’s his responsibility to set things right before this strange energy horrifyingly overpowers everyone. It’s one of the best Halloween books to read during the season! You can find the book here.

37. Sometimes We're Cruel and Other Stories by J.A.W. McCarthy
This is another set of horrid short stories that talks dominatingly about obsession, possession, and guts horror. So brace yourselves to squirm in your seats while you read this scary Halloween-suited story. You can find the book here.

38. Chasing the Boogeyman by Richard Chizmar
Richard Chizmar is a writer, preparing for his wedding and ready to start his writing journey when he gets shoved into one. Disfigured bodies of missing girls start appearing, and the one behind the act is not likely a human. In this new real-crime meets fright, you’ll find an enthralling, brain freezing Halloween book that will keep you up at night. You can find the book here.

39. Can You Sign My Tentacle? by Brandon O'Brien
When you think about poetry, romance, yearning, and passion may cross your mind. But, unfortunately, sci-fi and horror poem collections have always been out of the question. Well, not anymore! This is a poetry collection of sci-fi fantasy and horror with various allusions to mythological characters and supernatural creatures, taking it out on the good stuff like racism, colonization, slavery, etc. So, if you’re into paranormal and mystical creatures, this might be a perfect Halloween book for you! You can find the book here.

40. Revelator by Daryl Gregory
For Stella, her grandmother, Motty, was the only family she was left with. So, when Stella comes back to the backwoods of Tennessee, where she once encountered the dark cavern that led her to the big scary God called, Ghostdaddy, she feels it is wise to check up on Motty’s adopted child, Sunny, but Sunny is more powerful than she appears. If you are into gothic stories of creatures and gods, then this book will give you the scariest creeps of the season. You can find the book here.

41. My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones
Best for Halloween, this book is an ode to horror! Jade Daniels, a half-Indian, loves horror. Especially slasher horror committed by a masked person that seeks revenge on everyone that puts them down. Jade lives and breathes the slasher genre to the point that she imagines a slasher coming to her town and mass-murdering just so she can experience it first-hand.

She can resonate with this masked murderer not just because her father is abusive or because her mother is absent. At least that’s not the entire story. Jade is angry, but she seeks solace from this masked slasher, and she can see herself as an afraid and helpless girl somewhere behind this hidden bravado. When a dead body turns up in the Indian Lake, she starts fangirling, using her encyclopedic knowledge on the genre to solve the case, but something stops her. It’s that helpless girl who doesn’t think of her as a final girl. You can find the book here.

42. When the Cicadas Stop Singing by Zachary Ashford
If you are someone who gets crept up by house lizards, brace yourselves to get your worst fear realized! It’s a post-apocalyptic story about a land overrun by lizard-men who slaughter humans indiscriminately. There are almost no survivors except for Cora, who refuses to let them win. As if everything wasn’t already tricky enough, man has arrived, and he’s not friendly. If you want to read something creepy, then this could be your next scary book for Halloween! You can find the book here.

43. Dark and Shallow Lies by Ginny Myers Sain
Perfect for fans of Karen Mc Manus who won’t mind a touch of fantasy and paranormal! Dark and Shallow Lies is about Grey, who visits her grandmother and her best friend Elora every year in the summers in the world's psychic capital. Only this time, Elora goes missing, and nobody has any clue what happened to her. 

Determined to find her best friend, Grey finally tunes into her psychic abilities and finds out that everyone is hiding secrets from her - her grandmother, her dead mother, her crush, and even Elora herself. One thing to be careful about with this book is that there are mentions of triggering topics like suicide, death, incest, and violence that one should keep away from if they feel triggered quickly with such issues. You can find the book here.

44. White Smoke by Tiffany D. Jackson
Where are all the ghost lovers at? If you’re looking for a book with actual scary ghosts in it, then you’re in for a treat. Marie’s world is divided into two parts. The one she left behind because it kept haunting her and the other that she’s looking forward to having after shifting to a new neighborhood, Cedarville. 

Change is good, they say, but is it? Apparently not. As if staying together with her too much of a stepsister, Piper wasn’t enough; she discovers that the house is rumored to be strange. Her bed bug phobia is realized, the doors and the windows keep opening on their own, shadows of people keep walking around the place, and Piper has a friend she’s never seen but who wants Marie gone. Sounds like a spooky Halloween book to me! You can find the book here.

45. All These Bodies by Kendare Blake
If you’re a true crime aficionado, what would you say for an authentic historical horror story? This story was set in 1958, and Michael Jensen wants to be a journalist who will do anything to get a tale that’ll make him famous. Wish granted; he comes to know about the endless list of murders that have been happening in the Midwest. 

The thing that makes everything all the more strange is that having lifeless bodies spread around the place like a carpet, right and left, there’s not one drop of blood anywhere. So, evidently, Jensen pounces on the opportunity and lands in front of Marie Catherine Hale, whose family has been slaughtered, but she’s the only one covered in blood. And, it’s not her blood. Don’t miss it; it’s one of the best books based on actual events. You can find the book here.

46. Slewfoot: A Tale of Bewitchery by Brom
Abitha, a widow, is stuck in a patriarchal place, trying to find as much freedom as she can. Then suddenly, one day, she comes across Slewfoot, a powerful spirit of antiquity newly woken, figuring out his own role in the world. But before anything, people start disappearing, and a rumor is whispered- a witch. Another great Halloween book of 2021 for lovers of spooky witches and dark magic. You can find the book here.

47. Summer Sons by Lee Mandelo
If you’re looking for a queer representation in the worlds of horror and bloodthirsty paranormal activities, Summer Sons will be an excellent pick for you this Halloween. Eddie and Andrew are best friends, but when Eddie leaves for his graduate program and soon dies by apparent suicide, Andrew feels unsettled. He knows his buddy wouldn’t do something like that. But, when he starts searching for answers, he realizes that Eddie had a whole other side that he didn’t know. This book will also fit well with dark academia Halloween vibes if you’re looking for a gothic academic read. You can find the book here.

48. Horseman: A Tale of Sleepy Hollow by Christina Henry
If you like horror retellings coming to life, this spooky book might be for you. In the village of Sleepy Hollow, everyone knows about the legend of Horseman, but no one believes it. Four-year-old Ben’s father, who was young at that time, also does not believe the myth. Fearless, Ben and his friends were playing out one day when they found a child's headless body near the woods. This makes Ben question everything that he never believed about the legend up until now. Is Horseman even real, or is there something worse out there? You can find the book here.

49. Shaula by A.M. Kherbash
A ghost town with a cult growing in its wake and a creepy sea creature. Ben and Grim are asked to leave a mysterious cargo to a mysterious man in the middle of nowhere. A simple task that goes wrong. What will you choose between what you should know and what you want to know? It’s a perfect sci-fi horror, the first in the series of many that scream to be read in immediacy. You won’t be disappointed. You can find the book here.

50. Behind the Veil by E. J. Dawson
Now this one is for the real gothic noir readers! Letitia has the superpowers of a psychic that she uses to help her mourning clients by giving them closure about the deceased in Los Angeles. But she keeps the right not to help certain people, following her principles and dreading the past she left behind in London. So when a man, Alasdair Driscoll, comes to her asking for Letitia to save his niece, who has been seeing terrible things, she agrees to help, but she’s worried that for her to help the little girl, she might have to finally dig up the past she swore to never look back on when she buried it. 

Fans of Insidious may interest themselves in this book! With a sneaky touch of romance and dark themes, this book makes up for one of the best scary books of 2021. Please note that this book briefly mentions dark adult themes, death, murder, miscarriage, suicide, rape, and pedophilia, which can be a trigger some people. You can find the book here.

51. The Poe Predicament by Phil Thomas
Wondering if spooky books for Halloween will take you to places? Then, this is just the book for you! Richard Langley is a former college professor who casually enters a local bookstore and finds a signed copy of Tamerlane and Other Poems by Edgar Allen Poe. But, unfortunately, he’s then taken to an era he doesn’t belong in. 

While looking for a way to return home, he must first help a man from false accusations to set things right in the historical timeline and ultimately find his way back home. Little did he know that the man he’s helping is none other than Edgar Allen Poe himself. With a little bit of sci-fi fantasy, this horror takes a leap into a dark and gory turn, making it one of the best spooky books for your Halloween season’s reading list. You can find the book here.

52. The Death of Jane Lawrence by Caitlin Starling
A perfect Victorian historical fiction with lots of horrors and upending gut-wrenching eeriness is a story about Jane. She just wants to get married and stay occupied in her job for a secured future. Her love interest, the dashing but reclusive doctor, Augustine Lawrence, agrees to marry but warns her not to wander around the Lindridge Hall. On the wedding night, she’s stranded near him, and he’s not himself anymore. Another cottage core, haunted house, gothic story. You can find the book here.

53. The House of Dust by Noah Broyles
If you put a haunted house, an eerie, creepy atmosphere, and zombies to the equation, it spits out this book. A writer and a prostitute disappear into the darkness of a decaying mansion waiting for them. For Bradley, the writer, it is to take his own life or come up with a great story idea as soon as he can. For Missy, it’s a breath of fresh air away from the lustful men. But this peace is short-lived when they hear the silence creeping around them. One of the best scary books of 2021. You can find the book here.

54. Reprieve by James Han Mattson
We, book nerds, often escape through books but have you ever tried a horror escape room? Well, let’s flee into this one through a book. Four contestants are locked up in the final room with gallons of fake blood reeking the floors, a substantial dead body, and maybe some real blood of one of the contestants. Their safe word - Reprieve. Told through various flashbacks, we find out if it was rigged from the beginning or not. This scholarly book invariably discusses American life and the classic horror of being stuck in a haunted escape room. You can find the book here.

55. This Thing Between Us by Gus Moreno
Thiago and Vera are a Mexican couple who buy an Itza just for the fun of it but soon they start having weird hunting experiences that they think are sort of supernatural in nature but dismiss it still. When Thiago sets the alarm clock, it doesn’t go off on time, and Vera finds herself running late. In a hurry, a terrible accident sends her into a coma, and then she dies soon after. The grief after losing his wife drives him to stay secluded in a cabin, but he finds that he’s still not alone. Someone’s followed him, who was that? This book will have you looking over your shoulder again and again. You can find the book here.

56. The Midnight Man by Caroline Mitchell
The best spooky books for Halloween are ones that start with a Halloween game. Five girls play a game on the night of Halloween, but only four of them return home. Midnight Man has arrived. It’s a perfect mix of horror and thriller to read in October. You can find the book here.

57. Nothing but Blackened Teeth
by Cassandra Khaw
If nothing scares you more than a bloodthirsty bride, then this book will truly scare you. The Heian mansion, a Japanese mansion famous for its foundation resting on the dead body and the girls that accompanied her to the aisle, sounds like a thrilling wedding venue to spook lovers. But it’s not a haunted place; if it doesn’t suddenly become nightmarish, wanting a sacrifice now does it? You can find the book here.

58. Flowers for the Sea by Zin E. Rocklyn
This is an adventurous cum horror story of a woman named Iraxi who is stuck in an arc for days floating on the sea with a pregnant belly less so than one containing something more than a human. If you like the gothic fantasy horror genre blended all in one, you might like this one. You can find the book here.

59. The Restoration by J.H. Moncrieff
Terri Foxworth, a restoration expert, is hired to pull the crumbling manor house together back to its glory, but she’s soon entrapped in the place, and the dark forces of the manor take over, revealing its secrets in front of her. This one is truly an excitingly terrifying spooky book to read this October. You can find the book here.

60. Where they Wait by Scott Carson
The story revolves around Nick Bishop, a war correspondent in Kabul who has now moved back into his hometown and is offered to write about a visionary dream app. When he gets called by his estranged CEO and his assistant Renee to use the app, Renee is hesitant and tells him to delete the app. He doesn’t, and what follows is that a dead woman is now following him. If you’re looking for something that will hopefully give you nightmares, read this one. You can find the book here.

61. Bleed More, Bodymore by Ian Kirkpatrick
This one is an urban supernatural horror story featuring Joey, a mechanic who has had a pretty doomed life in the past, but when her best friend calls him near a body dump to fix his car, her life screeches a turn to a dark alley. First, she finds a corpse in her friend’s car, then her friend goes missing, and then her town Baltimore turns into bodymore from all the dead bodies everywhere. If you are a frequent murder mystery reader, but you want to pick something that fits your spooky sinful Halloween mood, then this book is for you. You can find the book here.

62. A Wish Too Dark and Kind by M.L. Blackbird
Summoning eight immortals for your house party can end in two ways or even more if you’re hiding secrets. When Arnaud Demeure hosts a party, no one refuses his request. But each of the attendees is hiding something, each holding a grudge, and while one of the guests works with the host in bringing down the others, the party can soon become an awkward ritual of each other’s deadliest nightmares. Written with a touch of mysticism and sci-fi fantasy, this book adds an excellent spook to your best spooky books of the year. You can find the book here.

63. Bloodsucker City by Jim Towns
It’s never a good Halloween party without vampires! So, to all of you vampire lovers, here’s a great Halloween book! The story is about a poor young widow, Lena, wrongly accused of having killed his own son and is sent to a prison in the infamous Steelgate Women’s Prison: an ancient stone fortress perched atop a jagged mountain in the middle of nowhere. 

She is soon introduced to the Wardens of Steelgate, seven men who guard and control everyone and everything that lives in prison, and they have specific rules for that. If someone doesn’t abide by the regulations, the seven men cum blood-sucking vampires suck their bodies dry to death. Aware now about the truth of the Wardens of Steelgate, she has to save herself and end the evil blood-sucking men’s domination. You can find the book here.

64. Something More Than Night by Kim Newman
If you like Frankenstein’s monster, this book will be the best Halloween book of 2021 for you. Raymond Chandler is a thriller novelist who works on mysteries with his friend Boris Karloff, an actor who has a unique quirk of playing the role of monsters. Joh Devlin is an investigator who enlists the pair to expose Hollywood secrets, and they find out that monsters aren’t just for the movies. However, if you’re just dipping your toes in the sea of horror books and Halloween vibes, you can get a head start with this light-hearted, old-school, and hilarious yet spooky book. It’s an extraordinary friendly bizarre pookie story that many will enjoy! You can find the book here.

65. Comfort Me With Apples by Catherynne M. Valente
If you like retellings remixes, you’re likely to enjoy this one. This one is a retelling of Eve and Adam and Eve’s temptation to eat the apple. In this story, we follow Sophia, who thinks she and her husband are made for each other. But that is until she finds a locked basement and the locked drawers that she’s not allowed to open or visit. The book also invariably alludes to Greek mythology. You can find the book here.

66. Graveneye by Sloane Leong
A great Halloween book makes up for a house of horrors, but what if the house is not the part that you should be scared about? Graveneye is a graphic novel told from a creepy big old mansion deep in the woods. Isla, the house owner, had practically raised the building on her own when she was just a kid. Isla loves her house, and the house loves Isla and the scattered blood drops and the gore that comes home with Isla every time she steps out of the mansion. 

Then came along Marie, the maid who is always covered in bruises. Marie and Isla don’t talk to each other and have many secrets, but the house has confessions. The story is told through imagery, symbolism carved through white and black graphics streaked with reds that make the novel best for Halloween 2021. It’s one of the tales that will give you goosebumps. Many graphic and explicit topics may trigger topics such as nudity, violence, trauma, etc. You can find the book here.

67. The Shadow People by Graham Masterton
Who likes cults here? This story revolves around Jerry Pardoe and Jamila Patel, who somehow very conveniently catch supernatural crimes committed each time. This time they are called back when three dead bodies are found in London as roasted and eaten. They draw a conclusion that there’s a religious cult of demon worshipers behind this crime, who are trying to invoke a devil god of the Neolithic times. This looks like an excellent spookie pookie book to give you a good scare. If you are a cult enthusiast, this can be a perfect book for you during the spook season. You can find the book here.

Conclusion - 
October as a Halloween month is a great time to lose yourself into the mysterious paranormal world of dark themes and magic, away from reality as well as it is an excuse to read more and more creepy books to win your reading goal of the year! 

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