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My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Infinity Flower Publishing
Genre - Fantasy
Publishing year - 2017
Language - English
ISBN - 978-0-9984620-5-9
Pages - 364

Return to Royalty

Book Review - 

Return to Royalty is the first part of the Gexalatian Tale series penned by E. Paige BurksI don't judge a book by its cover, but I feel like I need to say that I really adore the cover page of this book. This fantasy book revolves around Nyx, who is caught up between the Earth and her original home. 

Our protagonist Nyx was happily living her life on the Earth with her aunt Dorthea and best-friend Anna. Until one day, Jet appears in her life. He was sent on the Earth to protect Nyx and bring her back to her birthplace, but it's not easy to convince a mortal that her life has a far greater purpose than to fall for a guy from the school. 

Jet has quite the temper, and I felt the Nyx was his punching bag throughout the story, which is narrative-wise fine with me considering that Nyx's grandmother trapped Jet for a century in a dark dungeon. Now, he is all irritated and wants to fulfill his journey as soon as possible. 

But the first hurdle was Dorthea, who didn't wish Nyx to know the truth or prepare for what will come next, even after she went through a traumatic event and knew very well all the dangers, which annoyed me to my core. As the story progress, so does Jet's frustration and Nyx's confusion. Dorthea wants Jet to gain Nyx's trust, and all he does is luxuriate with new girls each day. 

Although the story is fast-paced, I feel like there were many angles for the characters to play out, like what if the Dorthea told the truth the first time Jet arrived? And many other things that are going on my mind right now, but they didn't turn out as I wanted them to be. But, don't worry, I made my peace with it. 

I love the prologue; the war, tension, dark magic is my kind of thing, you know, but then, the story laid out on Earth where Nyx is portrayed as a fragile cry baby, and I so want her to take charge and grow as a person in the next book. 

No book can be complete without a villain, am I right? In this, we have King Paraximus, but I'm more interested in Daya; she seems like a badass who is pulling all the strings and can effortlessly overpower the King if she wants to. I want to know what her evil plans are, and boy, when Nyx will learn the truth about Paraximus and Jet, it is going to be epic, I'm sure. 

In the first book, E. Paige Burks set a good plot; it has suspense, moral dilemma, and a few good action sequences with a pinch of attraction towards the evil guy trope. However, I can't wait to read the second part because the author left the readers on a cliffhanger. If you're a fantasy lover, then you're going to enjoy this book for sure. I recommend it. 

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