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With the internet being the primary source of everything and introducing new algorithms every other day to keep people's noses stuck to their mobile and laptop screens, bloggers and creators need to constantly produce content. 

Still, at times this can be a bit exhausting to come up with something exciting and new every day. Mainly book bloggers focus on posting book reviews, but there are many fun and interactive ideas you can use to increase your reach.

So, you're most probably just starting out with book blogging, and you have no idea how to actually go about it. Or you could be stuck in the middle of a block and have no inspiration to create anything to post. Whatever may be the reason, you've come to the right place. Here are the top 30 book blog post ideas for you, apart from book reviews -

1. Bite-sized Reviews -

Bite-sized reviews are best for catching people's attention in short, crisp sentences and bullet points while still explaining what the book is about. This book review is most prevalent and suitable for book bloggers who post their bookish reviews on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. This way of reviewing can easily and quickly sum up everything that is to know about the book.

2. Book Mails Haul -

People love knowing what all books you will soon be talking about or will be reading. In addition, some people might like to catch up with your reading process and read along with you, so it is always a good idea to tell your readers what all books you will be reading next couple of days and weeks.

3. Monthly/Seasonal Wrap-Up -

Some of us like reading books thematically or seasonally, so what better idea would there be than to talk about the thematic or seasonal books you've read most recently? Of course, you can also make it a monthly wrap-up, where you can talk about all of the books you've read in a specific month or do it on a quarterly or half-yearly basis too.

4. Genre/Trope Recommendations -

You can do a spin on your thematic or monthly wrap-ups and rather have yourself talk about new books or books you recently read from your favorite or least liked genre and tropes of this season. Another great way of putting this creatively out but differently than before is that you can choose a genre or trope that you don't like and read and recommend books based on what your experience was.

5. Read What Your Favorite Author Reads/Recommends -

Writers are the best kind of readers, they say. So a great way to learn more about your favorite author and their writing process would be for you to keep a look at all the books your favorite author reads and recommends and see what they have to say about it. Then, based on that preference, you can create your own reading list. After all, most probably, you would like what your favorite author would like because you both have similar tastes in tropes.

6. Author Spotlight -

Author Spotlights is an excellent way of exploring new authors you haven't read about before. It gives you a chance to entirely focus on one author at a time, read everything they've ever written, research and read about their life, and recommend and rate books based on your most minor to most liked preferences. It can also help you discover how the author has developed as a writer and how they have changed styles.

7. Frontlist/Backlist Recommendations -

Another excellent book blogging idea would be to pair up together upcoming releases of any author with backlisted titles (older books available by the same author) and see how they both go together while reviewing them both together on your blog.

8. Favourite Quotes -

Many of us love reading quotes! This makes up for another brilliant book blogging idea for your book blog, where you can write some of your favorite quotes by a specific author or from a book by them and explain why they had such an impact on you.

9. Favourite First Lines -

We all know at least one of those books with great opening lines that get us hooked from the very start. You can share some of your favorite opening lines that caught your attention from the first page of the book.

10. Author Interviews -

Author interviews make a great book blog topic where you can ask all the questions to the author that every other reader thinks about and then have them answer to you and reflect it all on your blog. Then, all you have to do is politely drop an email to the author you've read the most from and ask if they would be comfortable answering a few questions that their fans have for them.

11. Book to Movie Adaptation Recommendations -

You can make a whole new list of all the movies adapted from a book, read the books, and then review it. There could be a fun spin on it when you can also compare the film from the book and write about the differences and which version feels better.

12. Top Series Binge-read Updates -

Series are one of the best ways to binge-read and write a blog every day, clocking and tracking your progress and what you feel about the books time and time again. You can also tag along with a friend who can read and play bookish-related quizzes with you.

13. Childhood Favorites

We all have a special place in our hearts for the books that got us into reading, don't we? So write a blog reviewing the books you read as a child and the books that got you into reading for the first time. It will be a helpful guide for many kids who would want to start with books somewhere!

14. Festival/Holiday Favorites -

There are so many festivals and holidays to celebrate, and it gets better when there is a book about it. So what are some of the festive or holiday reads that you get yourself into? This book blog post idea would be seasonally thematic and introduce different readers to diverse cultures.

15. Book Blogger Appreciation Post -

The best way to engage and show your appreciation towards your fellow book bloggers that inspire you is by making a shout-out to them on your book blog while explaining why and how they've had such an impact on you.

16. Tips and Bookish Struggles -

Readers love fun advice or bookish tips and guides like "Ten Ways to Read Faster," or "Guide to Start Reading Classics," or something fun like "Ten Things that Make Readers Upset." These kinds of book blog posts are entertaining and not targeted to a few groups of people but can be enjoyed by anyone.

17. Your Popular or Unpopular Opinions About Books and Bookish Things -

It is fun to know how many popular and unpopular opinions we have against so many things in the literary community that stands apart from the conformity of what others think. You can make a whole list of things that you have unpopular opinions or pet peeves about, like the overhyped books that were underwhelming in your reading experience or so on.

18. Best and Worst Book Covers -

Another great bookish idea about a blog post would be for you to rate the best and the worst book covers you've read this year till now, or based on the older and newer editions, you can compare which one you like better and ask for your reader's opinions that will help them feel engaged.

19. Reading Routines -

Some of us are seasonal readers. Some of us are moody readers. Some of us read one book at a time, while some of us read multiple books simultaneously. Some of us make a reading journal, and some of us don't. You can make a creative and fun blog post about your routine and how to craft a reading system or a template for keeping track of all the books you've read and rated.

20. Bookish Trend Discussions/Controversies -

Trends come and go. One of the most recent ones is the introduction of the New Adult genre; the books are written from the villain's perspective to show their side of the story or how dark academia trend has been such an influential literary drift in book reading preferences lately. 

You can write pondering your hot take on the controversy or the literary debate with thorough research and evidence that will entertain people and inform many.

21. New Releases -

You can create a list of all the books that got released a particular year. It can also be based according to your favorite genre or trope-based releases of the titles.

22. Anticipated Reads of the Upcoming Year -

Readers like to keep an eye out for all the books that are yet to be released to get their hands on it first and be a part of this literary community where they can actively participate and say whether they liked the book or not. Of course, you can never go wrong with the anticipated list of books of the upcoming year.

23. Bookish Gifts/Accessories Ideas -

People who love reading usually want nothing more than a book, but it gets tough sometimes for their family and friends to keep track of all the books they have read so far and not repeat a book as a gift again. 

In that case, you can come to their aid and write a post of all the bookish accessories that you trust, like the book-inspired clothes and other merchandise that a reader would love to wear and decorate their rooms with or bookmarks, candles, etc.

24. Book Subscription Boxes -

Book subscriptions are second close to bookish stores people can shop on. You can discuss some of your favorite book subscription boxes that mail books along with merchandise that we can bet your readers would love to know about. You can also add why the said subscription box they should buy, what special offers they offer, etc.

25. Bookish Events You've Attended -

There are book signing events, giveaways, interviews that keep happening every now and then. So, the next time you go out on a bookish event, take pictures and then later when you come back, you can write or vlog all about it, sharing all the exclusive news and the fun moments with your audience.

26. New Bookstores/Libraries You've Discovered -

You can also write about your visit to a new bookstore or an independent library you recently discovered in your locality or far away from your place. This should be interesting to read and will help other people to go there.

27. Reading Marathons/Tags/Book Clubs -

You can host reading marathons and regularly update about how many pages you've read and your experience so far, or you can create a list of bookish tags that readers of your blog might want to participate in. 

You can also pitch in readers from your book club and ask them to co-host these reading tags and marathons with you, increasing our readership and being fun and interactive.

28. How You Became a Reader Chat -

It is a one-of-a-kind post where you just sit and chat about your bookish journey so far, talking about the reasons why you read books and what inspired you to even start book blogging. This will be an interactive session that will be enjoyable to read for everyone.

29. Character Appreciation Post -

The best way to appreciate your favorite fictional character is by writing a bookish appreciation post about them and asking your audience what they like about the character.

30. Things You Wished You Knew Before…Posts -

This one is a series of ideas that you can use for your bookish blogging posts, which would be about you reflecting back on your reading journey and answering "Things I wish I knew before I started reading Shakespeare" or "Things nobody told me about writing reviews" and so on which will be fun to read and also educational.

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