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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars

Publisher - QGG
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2021
Language - English
ISBN - 978-81-952913-3-5
Pages - 218

You Are Too Much

Book Review - 

You Are Too Much is my first read by the author Saurabh Kumar Das. This fiction tale is based on the love story of Aarav and Reesha, the premise set in Indore and Kolkata. 

Both the characters are poles apart, but as they say, the opposite attracts, and the same thing happened with Aarav and Reesha. Although, Reesha is the one who initiates things in this story, which is unlikely because everyone put in our head that man should make the first move.
So, I appreciate that the author made female characters upfront. Still, the way she begins things is a matter of concern because if the same thing a male character did, entering and roaming unannounced in a girl's apartment, then we'll be having a whole different conversation right now. 

Aarav is a street photographer, and Reesha worked as HR and shared an apartment with Arpita, who is from Kolkata. The story progress with Reesha's infatuation with Aarav. While he focused only on his work and was portrayed as an introvert. Eventually, they fell in love and started exploring each other's world. But their happiness was short-lived as Reesha died. 

Don't worry; this is not a spoiler because you can find this in the blurb, which I personally didn't enjoy. After all, from the first page, I was like, okay, she will die, but how or when? Is this the moment or that one? You know what I mean, right.

Anyways, after Reesha's death, the story takes 360 degrees of cliche turn. It instantly becomes like an Indian TV series story; the whole narrative has changed with Reesha's dying wish. It was okay from a story perspective, but it didn't serve any purpose if we talked about the characters. They show slow-paced growth but lacks wisdom. It would have been nice if the author used a different arc narrative after Reesha's death instead of the one we already saw a lot. 

The story is easy to read, but the usage of the Hindi word yaar (Buddy) repeatedly was pretty annoying. Then the characters start talking to themselves out of the blue between a conversation with another person; it confused me in many places. Saurabh Kumar Das needs to work on dialogue writing. 

The story piqued my interest in starting with artistic narrative and in between when there were meaningful reflective conversations. Overall, it's a decent one-time read which I recommend to beginner-level romance lovers. 

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